2019 NCAA Women's Bowling Championship - Stephen F. Austin vs Vanderbilt

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 14, 2019
  • College Bowling 2019


  • NGL NN
    NGL NN  16 hours ago

    The High fiving makes this a teamsport. The more you know.

  • KimDahl77
    KimDahl77  23 hours ago

    15:29 That trainer gives me the perv vibe. He keeps looking at their butts.

  • KimDahl77
    KimDahl77  23 hours ago

    'Control Emotions' what is this, kindergarten?

  • Raz zeir
    Raz zeir  yesterday

    I love u emily !😘

  • Terence Manthorpe
    Terence Manthorpe  2 days ago

    Fantastic game from brighton England 🎩

  • Lucius Brave
    Lucius Brave  2 days ago

    conclusion: ass slapping helps win championships! Evidence: the purple team executed more ass slapping than the black team therefore encouraging and supporting their teammates to a win.

  • Lucius Brave
    Lucius Brave  2 days ago

    i understand 10:31 but....10:33 that's sexual harassment!

  • Prahlad M S
    Prahlad M S  2 days ago

    why do they spank the butts?

  • Jerung Raksasa
    Jerung Raksasa  3 days ago

    ike ike

  • 강혁재
    강혁재  5 days ago

    확실히 여자들볼링현장은 좀더 재잘ㅎㅎ~

  • nilselmeskov
    nilselmeskov  5 days ago

    why the hell do the high five al the time.. U missed the pinn no high five just shame on u

  • 1topfueldrag
    1topfueldrag  5 days ago

    looks like a very small facility

  • Jo Nathan
    Jo Nathan  7 days ago


  • Storm Bowling Dave Bais

    Poor audience..

  • Aksiom
    Aksiom  7 days ago

    жаль что нация превращается в большие шары от боулинга - очень много толстых людей. национальная трагедия

  • mo Mo
    mo Mo  7 days ago

    My gord they all sucks

  • tastysnivel
    tastysnivel  7 days ago +2

    2nd game slaps: 10:32, 18:49, 23:56, 25:46, 27:25, 28:45, 29:14, 30:16, 31:44, 34:06, 34:44, 36:08, 36:55, 37:41

  • rock on
    rock on  14 days ago

    is it a bowling or a shouting competition? if only they concentrated in playing rather than shouting

  • Bobby Ricigliano
    Bobby Ricigliano  14 days ago

    High-fiving and cheers mid-frame, followed by more high-fiving and cheers after whiffing the spare is stupid beyond comprehension.

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy  14 days ago