Please Stop Making Life Hacks

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 16, 2018
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  • Lithunium Snow
    Lithunium Snow  9 months ago +7268

    glad your wife hasnt actually left you yet

  • misskatpierce
    misskatpierce  8 months ago +3232

    drew, where are you. come back, i haven't been called a lil stinker in weeks, i don't know who i am anymore.

  • Twenty Øne Jøshler
    Twenty Øne Jøshler  2 months ago +524

    Notifications on! Now I'm truly Greg

  • slavic lad
    slavic lad  7 months ago +1452

    Making bad life hack videos?

  • birdcreature
    birdcreature  7 months ago +309

    why is the "secret project" just a list of names of which they are crossing one off
    what are they doing to these people

  • Cody Ko
    Cody Ko  9 months ago +8797

    I love this so much! I love it!

  • PixelBurstt
    PixelBurstt  2 months ago +252

    Why do people say you look like Drew Gooden?
    Btw, #GregSquad !!!

  • TheBluerTheBetter
    TheBluerTheBetter  8 months ago +533

    Am I the only one who laughed when he said "tired of trying to put your cutting board down but your other cutting board is in the way"

  • Marcelana :3
    Marcelana :3  1 months ago +93

    “So close babe, I can feel it...”
    “Weve been here for like an hour, can you just use your hands???”

  • lizi
    lizi  8 months ago +403

    Drew bro you ok? Haven't heard from you for a while now.... did the life hack people take you out??

  • Jarvis Johnson
    Jarvis Johnson  9 months ago +5553

    thank you for coming out of retirement

  • casiana E
    casiana E  5 months ago +210

    Why does ur gf sound like dannys gf?😂

  • Audie H
    Audie H  6 months ago +190

    5:53 that’s also not how you plant strawberries.

  • TinySpidey
    TinySpidey  7 months ago +111

    If you put your valuables in a poopy diaper, true they won't take it, but instead throw it away

  • Abbey Fred
    Abbey Fred  7 months ago +141

    8:35 was the secret project a hit list??

  • Drew Gooden
    Drew Gooden  9 months ago +5580

    okay YEAH so maybe farming wasn't invented 800 years ago......
    maybe it was closer to 900.

  • Emily Murrey
    Emily Murrey  3 months ago +69

    "this video would have been rly helpful like 800 years ago, not so much now"
    do you think they discovered plants in 1219?

  • Hotlips Turtlehead
    Hotlips Turtlehead  3 months ago +57

    Drew Gooden has fully transformed into John Mulaney.

  • Butt Soup
    Butt Soup  3 months ago +35

    "This channel just discovered plants"

  • Finn Hollowbread
    Finn Hollowbread  3 months ago +36

    Ngl one of the best bits was just the ‘green screen’ in the background