Huawei P20 Pro Review: The Triple Camera Smartphone!

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 23, 2018
  • Huawei P20 Pro. The eye catching flagship you may have never heard of. Is it worth it?P20 Pro: Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.comVideo Gear I use: I'm using right now: Track: Back and Forth by 20syl~ provided by Huawei for review.


  • MajdMH Halaby Halaby
    MajdMH Halaby Halaby  a years ago +561

    YouTube getting really brave with these unskippable 30 seconds ads

  • Dj Bones
    Dj Bones  a years ago +420

    this video is sponsored by Google Pixel

  • Blue
    Blue  a years ago +229

    You have viewers from all over the world where this phone is sold, so please do review all phones and give your recommendation. Not only to the ones sold in the US

  • Justin Pharand
    Justin Pharand  a years ago +361

    I find it's kind of ironic that the US Government is warning people not to buy Chinese branded phones because of potential spying. What do you think the NSA is doing right now? They've probably logged every text message you've ever sent, regardless of which brand of phone you use.

  • Pirate Dog
    Pirate Dog  a years ago +781

    It's in the UK. I just bought one at Vodafone and they are deffo trying to push these models. I don't blame them it's nearly half the price monthly. It's an amazing phone I love mine. I came into the store looking for a Galaxy and even though it would make them more money they recommended this phone. When I asked the origin, they said it's a Chinese company basically trying to enter the market quickly. I welcome this lol. Apple is overated.

  • Jörgen Nilsson
    Jörgen Nilsson  a years ago +2121

    Not coming to usa = cant recommend it to many people? What? Not everybody lives in usa 😀

  • Pixel Peepers
    Pixel Peepers  a years ago +517

    still the best camera on the market for low light, no matter how many phones i review, p20 pro still comes up on top...

  • WenFeng He
    WenFeng He  a years ago +15

    I think you forgot to use its night model which is way much better than pixel 2 xl

  • Gareth Keenan
    Gareth Keenan  8 months ago +28

    Hello dude, I'm a huge fan of your channel. I just have a few suggestions / criticisms. I reckon there are a lot of people like me who are more interested in the technical specs. Yes we want to see if the phone looks cool but we don't want to spend 5 minutes talking about a notch. We want to know what the CPU, GPU, RAM, USB, bluetooth, network card, display, expansion slots are. The modern phone is basically a mini-computer and it's important to know about those things too. 90% of this video is about the physical appearance and the camera.

  • Kangaroo Jack
    Kangaroo Jack  a years ago +31

    No joke but this is the prettiest phone ever made.

  • iJustine
    iJustine  a years ago +2032

    I love that color so much I can't breath

  • Adir Roth
    Adir Roth  a years ago +15

    I own this phone. The camera comments from MKBHD here are not completely accurate. He is talking about 10mp auto shots. 40mp shots from this phone are insanely amazing. No over sharpening etc... I think this camera deserevs a more comprehensive review. It's the best camera I have ever used. Photos need editing and post processing yes but after you twick them they are the best and years ahead of other smart phone cameras.

  • Mr Dubai Offplan
    Mr Dubai Offplan  a years ago +42

    Killer review, I came to get some pointers, gonna try to bring my A game next time! Good job.

  • Jayanath Mahendra
    Jayanath Mahendra  a years ago +50

    I have seen, touched & tested in a Dubai store last week... It was amazing. Planning to buy one soon.

  • Edgar Monico
    Edgar Monico  a years ago +1

    You should make a review of his young brother, the Huawei p20 lite.
    I really want to know that it worth it, thanks!! ;)

  • Frank Doorhof
    Frank Doorhof  a years ago +1561

    Love your channel but you did forget some very important things.
    1. 40 mp raw
    The 10mp files are ok but it's way too much on the sharpening. When you use the 40mp raw option you will be blown away. With the 40mp you can also use noise reduction afterwards.
    2. Nightmode is not mentioned
    This is a magic mode. 4 seconds exposure without tripod that turn out loads of details and Dynamics
    3. You can disable ai (which I do)
    4. Huawei share
    Make the phone appear as a network share for easy transport between phone Mac and PC.
    5. You can set the camera up for double press the volume button to just start up the camera without taking the shot. So you're in the camera mode within 0.3 seconds ready to take the shot
    6. 1080p video is the smoothest I ever saw from any phone. 4k is.... Well not garbage but it's not good if you need stabilization indeed.
    7. Would be nice to mention the supercharge option which can recharge the battery really fast. Much faster than my iPhone and note 8 ever did. And taking into account the battery is a lot larger.
    No review can be complete but I think for cameras these are very important.
    Don't see it as critique btw. Just adding my thoughts ;)

  • PassionOfLifee
    PassionOfLifee  21 days ago

    Snapdragon chipset better than the Kirin one!!!
    Is there something wrong with your brain man?!! Have you seen any perfomance or battery benchmarks of the two?

  • renz ventura
    renz ventura  a years ago +23

    I feel huwawei will crush 2019

  • Nastacia H.
    Nastacia H.  a years ago +2

    Please do a review of the Huawei Y7 or Y9 Prime 2018

  • Upu Yang
    Upu Yang  a years ago +3

    That's a HTC VIVE shirt. lol