Film Theory: What Is Us REALLY About? (Jordan Peele's Us)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 6, 2019
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    Us is a movie FULL of metaphors and hidden meanings that we will be analyzing for a long time to come. Today, I want to tackle what I think is the message at the heart of the film; the main theme that Jordan Peele was trying to drill into our minds - not literally of course, he's not a Tethered... or is he? Loyal Theorists, today we are breaking down the nightmare of the American dream that is the movie Us.

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    Writer: Stephanie Patrick
    Editors: BanditRants, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



  • Sal Mastrolia
    Sal Mastrolia  10 hours ago

    And also Jordan Peele is rich, and probably has a lot of stuff. Why not practice what you preach and stop making movies. He's just another hollyweirdo showing all us bad American how much better he is than US!

  • Squidiot
    Squidiot  21 hours ago

    I live on the coast, we use boats for fishing. Not much else you're going to do on the beach, it's freezing

  • Ilene Schwartz
    Ilene Schwartz  21 hours ago +1

    This made me think

  • majestic birb 007
    majestic birb 007  23 hours ago


  • majestic birb 007
    majestic birb 007  23 hours ago


  • K o a t
    K o a t  yesterday

    Why is he using English and Russian characters in the beginning
    At least I think it’s Russian

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet  2 days ago

    matpat should become an english teacher

  • TehCoopaTroopa
    TehCoopaTroopa  3 days ago

    10:26 "Their stuff isn't doing good in the world... It's a weapon"

    Yes, a weapon, that is literally saving their lives from murderous clones... Seems, uh, to be doing good to me. Also saying everything relates to the idea of "being american" is kinda stupid considering that it actually relates to "existing as a human being with desires".

    There is NOTHING american about, I dunno, wanting stuff? Unless you think literally everyone out of america are some perfect being that hardly resemble humans, which, spoiler, we aren't.

    Also the idea that nothing changed when she was replaced? She stopped speaking, at she was taken to therapy by her parents who clearly assumed something was wrong.

  • Gabe Wilson
    Gabe Wilson  3 days ago

    This movie creeped me out for a lot of reasons, but it’s mainly because my name is Gabe Wilson and I don’t like that they used my name even though it’s 100% a coincidence

  • ACHON Walker 140
    ACHON Walker 140  3 days ago

    It is us (United State)

  • Malik Hoff
    Malik Hoff  4 days ago

    Was this movie inspired by the Asap Rocky Music Video here:

  • Josiah Cain
    Josiah Cain  4 days ago

    We would like to apologize for this video. It will eventually be removed due to its Anti American message do not listen to this man he's a communist. God Bless America

  • Sasha Rothweil
    Sasha Rothweil  4 days ago

    what about the rabbits???????

  • Maddie Loves
    Maddie Loves  4 days ago

    I already knew all on this when I first watched it

  • くまBear
    くまBear  4 days ago +1

    Oooorrr.... it could just be a horror movie that you’re over thinking-

  • Annette Garcia
    Annette Garcia  4 days ago

    It is saying it is still human

  • Eiralyss
    Eiralyss  5 days ago

    But isn't this what every country is about

  • Jaylen Knight
    Jaylen Knight  5 days ago

    I wished the movie would be called ùùuuuu7uuu7uuu7uu7u77777ßßş7susususueuejwjwjwjw7w

  • November's Frost
    November's Frost  6 days ago

    If you’re a middle class person in the New York then your dad is most likely non-existent...

  • masudur rahman
    masudur rahman  6 days ago +6

    Mat: "It's America, It's us."

    Me: Laughs in Bengali