Hairy Stories - Funhaus Comments #104 (Open Haus Edition)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 4, 2019
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    Oooooooh. Mmm hmm. I'm imagining Jacob getting down right now. The tiny beads of sweat glistening as they slowly roll down that perfect caramel skin. The scent of a hundred Destiny t-shirts strewn atop the bed like rose petals. The sound of the vinyl Count Duku mask slamming rhythmically against the headboard...

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  • Chameleon1616
    Chameleon1616  a months ago

    The duration of Ryans hot take is the only time I've ever seen peake truly happy.

  • drizzydabarber
    drizzydabarber  2 months ago

    Alanah says turn the lights off and get sexy in there, and I’m all for it

  • Gianna Sorrentino
    Gianna Sorrentino  2 months ago

    this just further supports that yes, Ryan is great

  • \m/Metal Forever\m/
    \m/Metal Forever\m/  3 months ago

    Make Alanah and Adam play through Dead Space 1&2, switch when one of them dies.

  • FireCloud42
    FireCloud42  3 months ago

    Lawrence is my Spirit animal

  • The Gump
    The Gump  3 months ago

    Funhaus seems like such a great place to work, where everybody gets along. I love it

  • TheMaxin
    TheMaxin  3 months ago

    Get WrestleCircus for RTX

  • Kevin H
    Kevin H  4 months ago

    Could use a little less Ryan por favor. Just my opinion

  • TheDapperdespot
    TheDapperdespot  4 months ago

    I'm pretty sure Peake and John are literal polar opposites

  • Manuel Garcia
    Manuel Garcia  4 months ago

    Oh man a ryan hot takes Mini segment would be gold

  • Marcus Dyer
    Marcus Dyer  4 months ago +1

    Did Ryan say Bran or Iran is coming after us?

  • dajew Loud
    dajew Loud  4 months ago

    Maybe I'm wrong but me thinks Alanah has a thing for Adam. She went into explaining how Adam made her feel safe and relaxed and if he was there more she'd do more of those scary videos and then she slipped out a word that embarrassed her. She said "sexy" videos. So Is this true? Does she have a thing for adam?

  • PoochyVagina
    PoochyVagina  5 months ago

    Ryan, the Matthew McConaughey of Funhaus.

  • Shamwinder Mann
    Shamwinder Mann  5 months ago

    Are they gonna keep coming back to the comments of this open haus (comments edition) in every episode now?

  • Gingpin Gaming
    Gingpin Gaming  5 months ago

    Bruce is my hero 😍

    BOSS VJ BEAST  5 months ago

    Jon just learned what TnA means

  • Keith
    Keith  5 months ago

    Damn Lawrence is really humble. You go girl

  • PotholesInMyLawn
    PotholesInMyLawn  5 months ago

    tHIC to def!!

  • Living Acid
    Living Acid  5 months ago

    My gods, Peake was there the whole time and I just didn't notice him until he started talking? How?

  • Александр Жуйков

    Rayan IS great!)