Hairy Stories - Funhaus Comments #104 (Open Haus Edition)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 4, 2019
  • Start your 4-week trial at with promo code: openhausAsk us your questions here: Mmm hmm. I'm imagining Jacob getting down right now. The tiny beads of sweat glistening as they slowly roll down that perfect caramel skin. The scent of a hundred Destiny t-shirts strewn atop the bed like rose petals. The sound of the vinyl Count Duku mask slamming rhythmically against the headboard...Follow us on Twitter: n stuff:


  • MartialMarts
    MartialMarts  2 months ago +1471

    I like the idea that whenever someone in the office mentions Ryan, he just appears and starts yelling about GoT.

  • Carolyn T
    Carolyn T  2 months ago +729

    Ryan was making some compelling points, let's hear him out. I also haven't watched GOT

  • codingkriggs
    codingkriggs  2 months ago +834

    I didn't see Ryan in that other video, but I saw him in this video, and I think he's amazing.

  • Adam Haywood
    Adam Haywood  2 months ago +744

    New hot take from Ryan every video or we riot

  • FADED '03
    FADED '03  2 months ago +708

    Ahh yess, the legendary Ryan raging over GoT. Made. My. Day.

  • TheOdd101
    TheOdd101  2 months ago +434

    I think we can all agree that we need to see Ryan going off on more stuff more often.

  • Rachel W
    Rachel W  2 months ago +138

    I think we can unanimously agree that we need more Ryan.

  • Onion Mondo
    Onion Mondo  2 months ago +248

    Ryan is very quickly becoming my favourite funhaus member

  • Lars Heintz
    Lars Heintz  2 months ago +393

    Alanah is dressed like someone's GTA:5 online character.

  • Joe Locke
    Joe Locke  2 months ago +134

    “I did alot of running as a huge fat man” - Lawrence Sonntag 2k19

  • Mitchell Bradford
    Mitchell Bradford  2 months ago +90


  • No Minis
    No Minis  2 months ago +134

    I love how peake his been Around seens forever an just comes out some times like a mystical unicorn

  • jace j
    jace j  2 months ago +97

    I wish Peake was in more videos he's great

  • RedBeneathYou
    RedBeneathYou  2 months ago +170

    I like how Elyse has become the Segway queen for ads.

  • xedavis116x
    xedavis116x  2 months ago +112

    Hear me out... Funhaus should do a drunk open haus comment edition where they each take comments from the Achivment Hunter videos and pretend to be someone from the AH cast.

  • jojj334Q
    jojj334Q  2 months ago +97

    I agree Alanah. It is disturbing to imagine Softboi is any sexual context

  • David Jones
    David Jones  2 months ago +86

    Would you play L.A. Noire again.its so funny when james played

  • Syamim Is Happy
    Syamim Is Happy  2 months ago +56

    Can we all agree to not sexualize Jacob. I cant keep changing my pants

  • Randy Potts
    Randy Potts  2 months ago +63

    I don't know this Ryan guy is, but he looks like a background actor in a 90s family drama. His "hot take" means it was a Christian 90s family drama.

  • Nug King
    Nug King  2 months ago +106

    Alanah has the thighs of an Amazonian, my word