10 More Ways to Chop an Onion - You Suck at Cooking (episode 44)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 3, 2016
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  • KingOfSpadess
    KingOfSpadess  3 years ago +1203

    Does this work with all onions or just red onions?

  • DanieleGiorgino
    DanieleGiorgino  3 years ago +528

    You are the best video editor on youtube.

  • TheMrWillje
    TheMrWillje  3 years ago +526

    >slices an onion with 4 knives
    >onion ia cut into 7 pieces
    teach me

  • remi ster
    remi ster  3 years ago +506

    So scared for you when you did Edward Scissorhand, thought you were gonna chop your left hand. But I know your are a professional.

  • 95TurboSol
    95TurboSol  3 years ago +864

    What did you use all the chopped onions for? You had to have used at least 10 to make this video lol

  • Gunner Davis
    Gunner Davis  a years ago +71

    I, i am speechless, ok i guess textless? Typeless? Any way this series just, makes me happy.

  • DreamerForever
    DreamerForever  3 years ago +719

    Wait he was on jimmy Fallon????! When? how did I not know about this?

  • Jordan Jamison
    Jordan Jamison  3 years ago +222

    Why am I seeing comments about Jimmy Fallon? This was uploaded 3 minutes ago.

  • FriendlyFire2830
    FriendlyFire2830  3 years ago +22

    I really do prefer the elbow drop method, it makes a very clean cut and the skin doesn't get everywhere. Plus I don't cry when I do it, because I feel no remorse for onions

  • Thadius Meyers
    Thadius Meyers  3 years ago +178

    You remind me of Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers

  • peter O'Leary
    peter O'Leary  3 years ago +49

    You should follow your own advise and use a 1930's coffee grinder they give a deeper flavour too.

  • Daimi
    Daimi  3 years ago +312

    I just saw this on jimmy fallon

  • Loony Lauren
    Loony Lauren  3 years ago +37

    God why do I watch this channel
    Because it speaks to you on a deeper level
    Oh yeah thats right thanks inner voice
    No problem I got you homie
    That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me
    Wow that's really sad do you want in and out i'll buy
    I love In and out how did you know
    Because I'm you but like the better you
    Awww that makes sense don't forget the extra pickles though and animal fries
    ...... Yeah I really have to get out more

  • InfinitySandwich
    InfinitySandwich  3 years ago +12

    Glad to see all those years at Professional Wrestling Summer Camp didn't go to waste. I'm going to elbow drop all my onions from now on!

  • Awab Qureshi
    Awab Qureshi  3 years ago +5

    Since everyone else is saying who they came from; I came from a recommendation from one of the people at Vox.

  • Chimichanga
    Chimichanga  2 years ago +13

    I tried the hacking method but got stuck on the final line of commands. Can you help out?

  • Caleb Williams
    Caleb Williams  2 years ago +15

    I miss pemblockto

  • - •- runic - • -
    - •- runic - • -  3 years ago +8

    This video was so beautiful I cried. Or maybe that was from the onions I was cutting...

  • Felixkeeg
    Felixkeeg  3 years ago +16

    Did you actually bite the onion just to give us something to laugh at? Dude, you're the man!

  • ArsenicBase
    ArsenicBase  3 years ago +3

    Been here before Jimmy Fallon! But thanks Jimmy, this channel needs way more exposure! Deserved my friend!