FRESHEST SEAFOOD FEAST! INSANE Seafood Meal at Dampa Market Manila Philippines

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 11, 2018
  • When I was in Manila Philippines I was told that I HAD to get some FRESH seafood at a local seafood market called Dampa. At this market, you shop for seafood items like fresh fish, crabs, clams, mussels, lobsters and then take the seafood to a number of local restaurants located nearby so they can prepare it for you in a variety of ways.

    We also happened to run into a few very friendly friends from Saudia Arabia and went with them to their hotel for a Salmon and Rice feast. After which we returned to the seafood market, selected some fish, crab, clams, and prawns. We then headed for a restaurant called Hong Kong Master Cook and begin one of the most delicious seafood feasts I've ever had!

    The seafood was prepared in many different ways and my favorite was the fish cooked in spicy chili broth. Also, the crab was some of the most tender onesI've ever had. I would highly recommend this seafood market if ever in Manila Philipines.

    Dampa Seafood Market:

    Hong Kong Master Cook:

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  • dryke railey santillan

    When there is fiesta in every town.. you can just enter the huz and eat hehehhe :)

  • Ichliebedich Dankeschon

    Easy to kidnap but you met a right people on that day!!!lucky.Thank you guys !!

  • aris orais
    aris orais  4 days ago

    3:06, the smile of Arab guy in black shirt, he is happy to serve a food to a stranger. What a nice guys! 🍲👌😋

  • lil meow meow
    lil meow meow  6 days ago

    what.just.happened. 😳😳😳😳 please be safe always

  • palli12345
    palli12345  7 days ago

    and I have a sad salad for dinner. I want a super foodie friend in my life.

  • jay foodtrip
    jay foodtrip  7 days ago

    Wow galing nio nmn po. Pitikin nio nmn po ako sa bahay ko..

  • TY AF
    TY AF  7 days ago

    بموت ضحك من شفت وجهه وانا حاسه انه سعودي 😭

  • Okonomi Barron
    Okonomi Barron  7 days ago

    So I just watched this again like it was my first time. Proving your video's have a replay value of 100 percent.

  • YoshiNguyen
    YoshiNguyen  7 days ago

    You’re such a kind and funny person! I love how you made friends just by talking about food 😂

    BTS ARMY  14 days ago +1

    You are really look like jackie Chan

  • Anthmo
    Anthmo  14 days ago

    Mike at 6:25 she showed you a jumbo crab but grabbed a medium size one for you to take away.

  • Ning3n
    Ning3n  14 days ago

    Such a great group of people to invite a random person to dinner. So hospitable.

  • Klay Tan
    Klay Tan  14 days ago

    Pontevedra Capiz Gay Crabs are the best! The fattest crab roe ever! 😋 the tiger prawns too are as big as a palm :)

  • Tomato Poi
    Tomato Poi  14 days ago

    oh my lord this one is the cutest episode of all of ur videos ive seen so far. oh myyyyy

  • Ralph Anthony Espos

    "Give me five!"

    ::offers a fist bump::


  • EGBoyLim1419 STORAGE

    Cool Restaurant!

  • Marcus V
    Marcus V  21 days ago

    America would love to have those saudis over psycho Arabs anyday

  • Vincent Li
    Vincent Li  21 days ago

    A Saudi man in the Philippines inviting a Chinese-American to eat dinner with him out of sheer generosity. The world can be beautiful, after all

  • Hazel Leano
    Hazel Leano  21 days ago

    Bruhhh u tha man!! I’d love to collab with you on your food trips!! Lol actually I just wanna collab through eating 😜

  • J Meds
    J Meds  21 days ago

    I just can't help but notice at 4:50, he's using the utensils the exact opposite way the Filipino's do