I paid for the Hooked app and immediately regretted it

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 12, 2019
  • Thanks to expressVPN for sponsoring today's video! Get 3 months off your first year of ExpressVPN: https://www.expressvpn.com/drewThis video is not about James Charles or Trisha Paytas or Mother’s Day or anything remotely relevant. It is a video about an app. merch:https://www.drewgoodenshop.com/follow me:twitter - https://www.twitter.com/drewisgoodeninstagram - https://www.instagram.com/drewisgoodenI really hope I'm not the only person who has been getting these ads or this video will mean nothing to anybody.


  • Jayne
    Jayne  1 months ago +2544

    Wait, boys don’t peel off their skin when they get home?

  • hello W0rld
    hello W0rld  1 months ago +1928

    Trevor Holt has the biggest
    My little pony collection

  • Neko Chan
    Neko Chan  1 months ago +2910

    there's a rumor that Trevor Holt has the biggest you know what....
    amount of love for jesus christ, CAN I GET AN AMEN

  • lotsoftreble
    lotsoftreble  1 months ago +1484

    i like how we're supposed to feel sympathetic for roy and jim even though they've stalked and are now taking a video of a nude person without her consent after breaking into their house

  • Emma Skinner
    Emma Skinner  3 months ago +12844

    why did i try and press the “skip ad” button at the start lmao

  • Pocket I
    Pocket I  1 months ago +3421

    2:58 “Danny Gonzalez”. 16:51 “Disliked”.
    These Subtle Things Had Me Dying ^. 🤣🤣

  • Ivex_Diggidy
    Ivex_Diggidy  1 months ago +929

    The dude she wants to kiss looks like the jerky boyfriend in the bee movie

  • Harry XD
    Harry XD  1 months ago +692

    Bri: constantly doses her food with cyanide
    Eve: aw man I have a headache

  • Bob Billygoat
    Bob Billygoat  1 months ago +566

    I like how eve and Bri are in the same room texting each other

  • Dismantled Brain
    Dismantled Brain  14 days ago +154

    My mom always told me I inherited migraines from her. Little did I know she was actually putting cyanide in my coffee ever since I was 14.

  • Jessica Onymous
    Jessica Onymous  21 days ago +300

    Pro-Tip: when you sign up for a free trial IMMEDIATELY put a reminder in your phone, two days before it ends and one the last day you can cancel before being charged
    and then make a fake email and repeat

  • John Smith
    John Smith  21 days ago +209

    Rat Poison (Arsenic) Many people have used it in food to slowly kill them. It also gives them headaches. Cyanide will kill you instantly and leave no trace in your blood after a couple hours. Know your poisons people!

  • Paige by the book
    Paige by the book  1 months ago +542

    Alright, who else almost hit the “skip ad” button multiple times?

  • Pyschadelic
    Pyschadelic  3 months ago +3146

    what is this? a non-james charles video in my feed?

  • *EYAD* *7SHESH*
    *EYAD* *7SHESH*  1 months ago +748

    Who is Hornier?!
    Jim VS 30 year old Indian man

  • FunnyBunnie
    FunnyBunnie  21 days ago +320

    “Is the girl’s name Pam by any chance?”

  • Cheeziest
    Cheeziest  1 months ago +393

    How long does cyanide take to kill?
    2-5 minutes
    *unless woozyness occurs
    **In case of woozyness, you're fine

  • Jenny Wu
    Jenny Wu  21 days ago +170

    Can we just take in the fact that Drew searched up "how long does your blood tests come back" and "how long until cyanide kills you," which means the FBI is getting suspicious

  • Aimiko
    Aimiko  2 months ago +10142

    Trevor Holt has the biggest
    amount of love and respect for wamen and gorls

  • Alyssa  Rodriguez
    Alyssa Rodriguez  21 days ago +70

    drew gives me super john mulaney vibes..i like it