Blindfolded Home Obstacle Course Challenge!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 15, 2018
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  • Ruth Visitacion
    Ruth Visitacion  8 months ago +64

    They Didn't say MONTAGE😕😕😕

  • ツSlinky
    ツSlinky  8 months ago +98

    Not first but I’m here

  • HyperHighlights
    HyperHighlights  8 months ago +79

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  • you raise me up
    you raise me up  8 months ago +28

    I thought alex uploaded but we have a premiere.... worth the waiting!

  • Alexis Bonello
    Alexis Bonello  8 months ago +28

    Did anyone else see J.R wearing a red camo AW shirt??? New merch???

  • Christopher Alcala
    Christopher Alcala  8 months ago +72

    Just want to say that I love and enjoy your channel and your videos

  • Tylerty5
    Tylerty5  8 months ago +16

    I can’t believe how long ago the blind obstacle course was with roi. Times flies by so fast

  • Judah Brewster
    Judah Brewster  8 months ago +37

    Howdy peeps.
    I’ll allow it

  • davneet deewra
    davneet deewra  8 months ago +80

    who's here before it's published
    edit: thanx for the likes♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😊

  • Alice Young
    Alice Young  8 months ago +16

    I was here before 20 likes yaay

  • Twane Lombard
    Twane Lombard  8 months ago +13

    Thank you for being the best youtuber ever Alex. Love you.

  • Tori's Story
    Tori's Story  8 months ago +6

    alex FORGOT the montage in WASSABI KITCHEN!!

  • Alamay songs
    Alamay songs  8 months ago +11

    Let's go early squad I'm so excited for this video😁😁

  • Taylor McNay
    Taylor McNay  8 months ago +24

    OMG so ready for this video!!!!!

  • Taylor McNay
    Taylor McNay  8 months ago +15

    Is it bad to like the video before even watching???? Cuz I did 💛💛💛

  • Summer Dayz
    Summer Dayz  8 months ago +6

    Whoever disliked Alex’s video.....U NEED JESUS XD

  • Ari Gacha
    Ari Gacha  8 months ago +18

    Already liked the video without even watching it!!!😆

  • xiaoying’s ASMR
    xiaoying’s ASMR  8 months ago +21

    Come on only 30 mins left!!! Who else is early btw?

  • Ruby Louise
    Ruby Louise  8 months ago +5

    Alex, I really enjoyed the videos that you made where you surprised people and I think you should surprise a wassabian

  • Meiley Tat
    Meiley Tat  8 months ago +7

    Who else tapped so quickly they didn’t even know what this video was about?