I Bought a Frame Damaged BMW M4 From Salvage Auction It WAS WORSE THAN I THOUGHT

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 2, 2019
  • Finally after wanting an m4 I finally got my hands on one!
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  • rad ifumi
    rad ifumi  2 days ago

    Cool cars, nice job, greetings from Poland

  • Elaina Ellis
    Elaina Ellis  5 days ago

    mofo ketchup mustard car, god, horrible color choices ha.

  • waxxdout
    waxxdout  5 days ago

    3:55 u know he got money when he threw that quarter away 😂

  • waxxdout
    waxxdout  5 days ago

    Red interior:Blood everywhere

  • meow
    meow  7 days ago

    That car looks so nice ❤️

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta  7 days ago

    only totally idiot buy bmw when same money can buy many many lot better car. lincoln,cadillac,maserati,lambo,lada,trabanth.volvo,maybach,jaguar, have lot many better car what can buy and idiot buy world biggest shit car hahaha, men no have brain or have true idiot.

  • Vinod Kuwar
    Vinod Kuwar  7 days ago

    Just earned one dislike from me, I own BMW 328i xDrive and I use samsung note10+ and guess what no sub :)

  • Dom S.
    Dom S.  7 days ago

    Not that bad?? U must be kiddin? Thats a 15 k DMG at least 😂

  • GamerVaulter
    GamerVaulter  7 days ago

    It's garbage content literally

  • Troy Gwynn
    Troy Gwynn  7 days ago

    I think this car is the same car on a nother video @ https://youtu.be/9Z2nscyUWMM

  • AZMike
    AZMike  7 days ago

    Driving the fixed car with the driver's airbag still deployed is a sure conversation-starter.

  • Business Focus with Dave

    Very cool M4, great to see what you do, amazing job

  • Danyal Arafat
    Danyal Arafat  14 days ago

    craftsman tools s and harbor fright i stay if the tool truck

  • Salman Mujtaba
    Salman Mujtaba  14 days ago

    The video wasn't clear, I converted my Elantra into a Ferrari.

  • ZxRx7
    ZxRx7  21 days ago

    It is an M4, it comes fully loaded by default, imo.

    MARK ONEILL  21 days ago

    Let’s see those Air Ratchets !

  • Dont Look
    Dont Look  21 days ago

    Red on gold looks like a cheap pimp car.......sorry dude

  • Nenad Jovanovic
    Nenad Jovanovic  21 days ago

    Man I just found your channel, awesome work! Keep it up! Nice editing, everything streight to the point!

  • Hamza
    Hamza  21 days ago

    Great work!

  • Weed Toker
    Weed Toker  a months ago

    This nigga done got himself into the worst project car you could fuckin buy my nigga!!! I'll be checkin back up on this dumbass nigga in 10 years when his fuckin credit score is good enough to get a loan to fix this hunk of shit my nigga shiiiiiiiitt!!!