Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Skittles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 5, 2018
  • Claire Saffitz takes on another challenge, this time to recreate the tastes of the rainbow... Skittles, Gourmet-style.

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    Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Skittles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  • Sarah E.S.
    Sarah E.S.  yesterday

    You took out my favorite flavor☹

  • Sophie H.
    Sophie H.  yesterday

    make junior mints

  • K John
    K John  2 days ago

    When are we going to get Claire in a bikini?

  • morenita blu
    morenita blu  2 days ago

    How about making laffy taffy or airheads or gummy bears with chamoy and Tajín

  • Judith Richer
    Judith Richer  3 days ago

    Please make NERDS!

  • LAmac124
    LAmac124  5 days ago

    Claire Needs To Make RedHots!!!!!!

  • Joshua Phan
    Joshua Phan  6 days ago +1

    12:30 Claire: It’s so cold in here
    Gaby: Heavy duty jacket
    Me: grab a jacket

  • hayden young
    hayden young  7 days ago


  • Mold Dan
    Mold Dan  7 days ago

    Amazing woman

  • BlaZing Gel
    BlaZing Gel  7 days ago

    yoo Marshawn approve!

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith  14 days ago

    Carla: This is so sad, Alexa play Despacito

  • Heman_ B
    Heman_ B  14 days ago

    Can you guys make gourmet soda

  • Rezer Smith
    Rezer Smith  14 days ago

    4:37 Lmao

  • Adison Smith
    Adison Smith  14 days ago

    I really want you to make mike and Ike’s candy

  • bruh
    bruh  14 days ago +1

    Poor Brad. 😂 He's always right but no one takes him seriously until they figure it out on their own.

  • Masha Kalinkina
    Masha Kalinkina  14 days ago

    Purple: “y’ugh.” AGREED.

    Why cant they just not use grape? Who made that decision on Those 5 flavors needing to be in everything? Much less concord grape. How about peach or mango as a staple flavor? Or pomegranate, or grapefruit. Or even red grape/muscovy grapes or literally Anything else.

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    Skittles and M&Ms are siblings.irl.

  • Bot Ski
    Bot Ski  21 days ago

    Actually skittles are all the same flavor

  • Mr Blobby
    Mr Blobby  21 days ago

    At what age to things start to become ‘too sweet’ asking for a friend x

  • Mia Radulovic
    Mia Radulovic  21 days ago

    It’s not gourmet if there is gelatine