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  • Published on:  Monday, July 17, 2017
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  • Grove Street
    Grove Street  2 years ago +5174

    his card throwing speed is faster than my internet connnection


    Who is watching this in August 2019?

  • fkre
    fkre  2 days ago +47

    So this is how paper beats rock.

  • Ha Lol
    Ha Lol  7 days ago +192

    What do we learn from this:
    U dont need knife to cut vegetables

  • Blackcoolgamer 12504
    Blackcoolgamer 12504  7 hours ago +3

    this guy went to my elementary school, juggled flaming bowling pins...

  • Giovanni Lima ♪
    Giovanni Lima ♪  6 months ago +1362

    If this guy ever gets robbed...
    "Hold on, let me get my wallet"
    * pulls out credit card *

  • Lord of myself
    Lord of myself  20 hours ago +6

    Imagine if he missed and hit them with the card

  • Taco Lord
    Taco Lord  7 days ago +146

    Me: pulls out a knife in fight
    Rick: pulls out deck of cards
    Me: ...

  • Lucky JOKER
    Lucky JOKER  7 hours ago +3

    So this is why I sometimes hare dude perfect they bring a guest and he does all the trickshots it could also be a Rick smith junior video

  • LiggYs Gr
    LiggYs Gr  yesterday +3

    When i throw a card its just fly for 1 second and it goes down he throw a card and breaks glass like how niggagggaa

  • Elite Rairu
    Elite Rairu  5 hours ago +2

    I thought they just threw only playing cards i was not expecting they use credit cards🤣🤣🤣

    AVIRAL SAXENA  yesterday +3

    Sir use the trick in next video in which you will throw a card in a book spinning on some ones finger.

  • Kar Yi Tan
    Kar Yi Tan  8 hours ago +3

    The best element of the earth beaten by a simple card WTH

  • Kar Yi Tan
    Kar Yi Tan  8 hours ago +1

    Um you need a billion extra light bulbs then

  • Rick Hagemeijer
    Rick Hagemeijer  2 years ago +1326

    the only man who can bring a card to a gun fight

  • Uncomfortable Cat
    Uncomfortable Cat  7 days ago +53

    If Disney/Marvel make a Gambit movie
    I would want them to use this guy's card tricks.

  • Kaan Gurbulak
    Kaan Gurbulak  3 days ago +10

    They: not even a scratch
    Me: all my limbs are gone

  • Flynnys Adventures
    Flynnys Adventures  21 days ago +268

    2:51 it’s a credit card when he break the glass

  • 《 GØĐAssassin 》
    《 GØĐAssassin 》  14 days ago +71

    "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight"
    More like
    Don't bring a gun to a card fight

  • Arhya
    Arhya  7 days ago +22

    Me: take the deck of cards to play with my friends
    Policeman: wait that's illegal!