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  • Published on:  Monday, October 14, 2019
  • Special thanks to Ayane and Jun for sharing their stories.

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  • blue dino
    blue dino  2 hours ago

    Jesus man I knew that the animation industry was bad, but I didn’t know it was THAT BAD....

  • Javsamca
    Javsamca  5 hours ago

    time to look for other career, oh boy

  • kimihito the great

    very polite, very respectful interview, well done. I have a lot to learn from them.

  • walkabout
    walkabout  7 hours ago

    this is modern day slavery. this is what the US is trying to implement in north america. too bad japanese culture is very closed and doesn't allow much change.

  • Bren L
    Bren L  8 hours ago +1

    Oh no, please don't let this video show up in my parents youtube. I am bothering them to get me an iPad pro so I can start my drawing adventures, meanwhile this professional animator is just using an entry level Wacom....

  • Byron Cudworth
    Byron Cudworth  8 hours ago

    Did she have to pay for her Laptop, Wacom tablet and Clip Studio Paint out of her salary too?

  • Desmund Tan
    Desmund Tan  9 hours ago

    Dont worry we as naruto fans are here for you
    Keep up the good work dattebayo!

  • Roman Golob
    Roman Golob  10 hours ago

    Isn't it more logical to think that her landlord is in on it with the animation company providing a place for these animators to live so they can continue to work for cheap?

  • AlexNOSAM
    AlexNOSAM  13 hours ago

    Limited jobs with lines of young people waiting to work in them - and this is the result.
    Same like the game development industry in the west.

  • No One
    No One  13 hours ago

    A billion dollar industry exploits its employees, can't say that i'm surprised

  • Emishimaru - Sama
    Emishimaru - Sama  14 hours ago

    Sorry for the dumb question, but what she means by USD 40?

  • jojo
    jojo  16 hours ago


  • Diaz Castro
    Diaz Castro  16 hours ago

    thats why i gave up this job i decided to use guys on fiver to draw art for my games i create

  • Nanase Mizukami
    Nanase Mizukami  17 hours ago

    Me? How come I will subscribe your channel? My sister won't subscribe you unless your videos are all nihonggo.

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk  18 hours ago

    So she's been employed for barely 6 months and is already complaining about her wages?

  • John Robert
    John Robert  19 hours ago

    Animation is a difficult job. Its even far more difficult than being a car salesman infact. I personally failed as an animator but was a succesful car salesman. These guys deverve a better pay.

  • Cheeza Rose
    Cheeza Rose  yesterday

    She is not a nobody,Vinland Saga is one of the top anime right now. So sad to see that people are exploited like that when the product of their labour is making bank.

  • Ekrus Ed
    Ekrus Ed  yesterday

    So being an animator is not bout how much money u get paid its bout... passion..hobby...

  • Vrane The WolfKnight

    This is really interesting. I curious how mangaka's assistant live compared to this

  • Donald ph
    Donald ph  yesterday

    Hope they will get the things animators deserve. Give what is due.🙏🏼