Tortilla Pizza - You Suck at Cooking (episode 58)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 2, 2017
  • Pizza. The ultimate open-faced sandwich.
    Use parchment paper or non stick spray.
    Slap down a tortilla shell with intention.
    Spread some tomato sauce or pesto with vagueness.
    Add mozzarella or a mozza-anything combo with passion.
    Add various ingredients with indifference.
    Cook until the cheese is blistering from the physics.
    Cool until you are out of danger.
    Eat until the pizza is gone.
    Snapchat: @yousuckatcookin


  • Mehreen Amir
    Mehreen Amir  yesterday

    why is making pizza so emotional

  • Benjamin Buchanan


  • Rovic Valle
    Rovic Valle  6 days ago

    1:50 is my favourite

  • Smeg Skull
    Smeg Skull  7 days ago

    Damn, u mean bro, let the robot be

  • StandupKnight49 Yt

    Why then fudge did I just felt so sad for two inanimate objects

  • Thanos Thiccums
    Thanos Thiccums  7 days ago

    "now now pimblokto, point where the bad man touched you on this teddy bear"

  • RedMasterJV
    RedMasterJV  7 days ago

    1:30 the way how he's still trying to roll the dough..... man makes me feel bad

  • Patrick Lugo
    Patrick Lugo  7 days ago

    Bein mean like to the robot might make me unsubscribe...i mean im not but still i might in the future

  • Oliver Brown
    Oliver Brown  7 days ago

    Pimblokto makes better pizza

  • Nat W
    Nat W  7 days ago

    why does watching this feel like watching mom and dad fight?

  • Jarjar Rodriguez
    Jarjar Rodriguez  7 days ago

    Italian robots prepare to cause a war

  • Snoot Zoot Skeet
    Snoot Zoot Skeet  7 days ago

    poor pimblockdo (Idk if thats right)

  • BIG boichungus
    BIG boichungus  7 days ago


  • Arctic Fox
    Arctic Fox  14 days ago


  • Bilkeesu Kabeer
    Bilkeesu Kabeer  14 days ago


  • Feetiscool
    Feetiscool  14 days ago

    2 words, People who hate pizza crust are fuckin picky.

  • Günther Gunthus
    Günther Gunthus  14 days ago

    I pity people that are not able to understand the complex love a pizza crust can give you. Most of these people do not appreciate a good bread either. To me this is a shame.

  • Petros Kyragiannis


  • Rigging Doctor
    Rigging Doctor  14 days ago

    I am drooling so hard!

  • Anime NPC
    Anime NPC  14 days ago

    hahah we call em mexican pizza's after a south floridian mexican chains (Ole Ole) appetizer dish. Glad to see you made one can't wait to try the recipe next taco tuesday.