'I Just Don't Like Bullies': Former Aide Sues President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 12, 2019
  • Cliff Sims, former Trump aide, and attorney Mark Zaid discuss filing suit against the president on Monday in federal court. Sims says the Trump WH is selectively exercising former staffers' NDAs.» Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbcMSNBC delivers breaking news and in-depth analysis of the headlines, as well as informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Hardball, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and more.Connect with MSNBC OnlineVisit msnbc.com: http://on.msnbc.com/ReadmsnbcSubscribe to MSNBC Newsletter: MSNBC.com/NewslettersYouTubeFind MSNBC on Facebook: http://on.msnbc.com/LikemsnbcFollow MSNBC on Twitter: http://on.msnbc.com/FollowmsnbcFollow MSNBC on Instagram: http://on.msnbc.com/Instamsnbc'I Just Don't Like Bullies': Former Aide Sues President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • Rashid the Great
    Rashid the Great  6 months ago +216

    You worked for an administration that started the "Muslim Ban" from the start. "I don't like bullies" should been "I like bullies except when they turned on me."

  • IMBwildrd
    IMBwildrd  6 months ago +22

    Somebody forgot to tell Individual #1 that the US government is not a private company.

  • Shane Anthony
    Shane Anthony  6 months ago +428

    Remember when former President Obama staff employees publicly talked smack about him then sued him?
    Yeah me neither.

  • Cherie Cullum
    Cherie Cullum  6 months ago +262

    tRump has always been a bully, which makes Melonias be best a big joke

  • JB
    JB  6 months ago +51

    NDA are for private companies not public employee's. they are covered under the whistle blower laws.

  • Elaniago
    Elaniago  6 months ago +166

    Finally somebody sued the clown! More please.

  • Cajek
    Cajek  6 months ago +95

    Throw another court date for that hideous orange goblin on the pile...

  • Pixel Pusher
    Pixel Pusher  6 months ago +27

    Cliff Sims: "I was serving the american people by supporting a "president" who, among a bunch of other despicable acts and statements, instigated the racially motivated birther conspiracy theory".
    Do these creatures out of Trump´s swamp ever hear themselves talk?

  • Cue 1st Amend
    Cue 1st Amend  6 months ago +192

    Excellent. Naught nasty little boy President needs to be held accountable for his abuse.

  • Jack Rasmussen
    Jack Rasmussen  6 months ago +10

    I don't think a federal employee can sign a NDA. They work for the people. Not the president.

  • Karen Calvert
    Karen Calvert  6 months ago +14

    You can tell Trump is and has always been a bully

  • northerniltree
    northerniltree  6 months ago +28

    If one lawsuit a day is settled against Trump, my guess is Cliff will get his hearing in about 200 years.

  • Manuela Costa Lima
    Manuela Costa Lima  6 months ago +10

    Trump still has no clue that, while he's in the White House, he works for the American people. Someone needs to tell him that his NDAs and bullying tactics don't belong in the presidency.

  • Fan Mac
    Fan Mac  6 months ago +111

    People working in WH, including president, are paid by and working for taxpayers.  In this public capacity, all the record should be transparent and belong to the public.
    Is there any legal ground forcing anyone to sign a NDA when they are working in WH?

  • APPLE & HAPPY x-files
    APPLE & HAPPY x-files  6 months ago +19

    Need classify information.. his Twitter account 😂😂 you don’t like it when he bully you , but the administration you worked for is the BIGGEST BULLY EVER!! 😑

  • LOOKBOOK Apparel
    LOOKBOOK Apparel  6 months ago +81


  • HarleyHilderson
    HarleyHilderson  6 months ago +52

    Lyin' Don want to silence/discredit/hurt Cliff Sims, therefore there must be some truth in Cliff's book.

  • Angela Hamlett
    Angela Hamlett  6 months ago +11

    So let's impeach the bully then.

  • Alessia C*****
    Alessia C*****  6 months ago +17

    It’s crazy how many people stand with trump when he’s such a punk bully, not sure why l don’t get it. Hopefully more people start coming out of hiding soon.

  • J MacDonald
    J MacDonald  6 months ago +44

    Trump .. a bully and a despot wanting to line his pockets with taxpayer money! What a disgrace he is to humanity!