23 Kills Solo | Console - Fortnite

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
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  • Erouce
    Erouce  7 months ago +50

    Could probably been higher if I didnt go back to tilted twice for 2 kills

  • Akif Ismail
    Akif Ismail  7 months ago +23

    How do you register all bullets with your shotgun aim? Like every single shot

  • Chedder foot
    Chedder foot  7 months ago +11

    You could've got more kills if u didn't go tilted 2 times in a row I mean they are far so you can meet them in the final circle then you probably would've had 26 kills, anyways nice game!

  • Rishi 11
    Rishi 11  7 months ago +6

    Dark bomber gang💪🏻🖤

  • JayZlikeOmari
    JayZlikeOmari  7 months ago +5

    You Went Off At The Beginning Go Vrazy

  • Sovaak
    Sovaak  7 months ago +4

    Do you have any tips on how improve or would you recommend playing more often... you are crazy good keep it up I see you on the leaderboards

  • William Moa
    William Moa  7 months ago +7


  • iNoahASL
    iNoahASL  7 months ago +5

    Lol. That facepalm at the end.

  • ProGame04_YT_
    ProGame04_YT_  7 months ago +3

    You kill my I’m Aleainisale5 Gg❤️

  • Xero Lewis
    Xero Lewis  7 months ago +1

    Loved the ending, you didn't let your kill go to the storm! And that facepalm was downright hilarious 😂

  • Y K T V
    Y K T V  7 months ago +3

    This man got 5 kills in 15 seconds when. He landed

  • Tommy
    Tommy  7 months ago +1

    you killed me two days ago :( first time ive knowingly been killed by someone im subbed to on youtube haha

  • 7uspects
    7uspects  4 months ago +1

    Bro you need to voice stream. u r a beast!

  • Varsha Deshmukh
    Varsha Deshmukh  7 months ago +3

    Better than + ninja = erouce

  • Noah Emeran
    Noah Emeran  7 months ago +1

    wow! you're channel has gained 20,000 subs in the last month

  • Sledro
    Sledro  7 months ago +2

    Nice gameplay.. keep grinding bro

  • Tupou Tuatai
    Tupou Tuatai  7 months ago +2

    Your builds between shots are so quick, how you get that!

  • Venom_Elite
    Venom_Elite  7 months ago +1

    Please do a tips and tricks video. You are a god

  • Akuma Str
    Akuma Str  2 months ago

    youre insane bro like every shot hits keep up the good work

  • Zexity
    Zexity  7 months ago +1

    Where did you get the target then that on the thumbnail