Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Dodge Hellcat Part 5

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 30, 2018
  • Big NEWS!!! Our channel is getting very exciting! This rebuild is also getting more and more exciting! We are happy to have you guys involved with every single build that we get. This is only the beginning of what the future holds. Thanks For Watching!!!

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  • David T.  (Aug 30, 2018))

    Supercharge the Mustang💪Very nice video 😍👌

  • Ls swap the Jeep!

  • Dank News Media  (Sep 3, 2018))

    Better views on youtube if you v8 swap the jeep. Dont listen to the kids saying S/c the mustang.....It has been done a million times before.

  • JEG's Garage  (Aug 31, 2018))

    Jeep build would make a better video series... Just saying. The amount of work you pack into an episode would easily cover a supercharger install. Those can be done in a weekend or even one day depending on the kit. Jeep build would be a nice 3 or 4 video series. Just sayin... More goonzquad!!!

  • The DylanPlayer  (2 days ago))

    My mustang is pull me over red 😂 also known as race red 😂

  • VEDEM RACING  (Aug 30, 2018))

    Supercharge the mustang to make all three have superchargers! Loving the builds. Almost finished on my mustang build👍

  • VEDEM RACING  (Aug 30, 2018))

    Or a voodoo 5.2🤔

  • Hammer Rescue  (Aug 30, 2018))

    Ls swapped rubicon is much more rare than tons of supercharged mustangs. So I’d like to see the jeep but love this builds so if the stang wins nevermind...

  • The V The S  (Aug 31, 2018))


  • Bradley Myers  (Aug 31, 2018))

    Thanks for putting Thomas in this video. You guys rock rebuilding these cars. I've been with ya from the beginning. Thomas rules!

  • Marcus Cray  (Sep 1, 2018))

    It will be crazy of Dodge sponsored the rest of this build for the Hellcat

  • charlie rose  (Aug 31, 2018))

    do the ls swap please!!