Binging with Babish: Flanders' Hot Chocolate from The Simpsons Movie

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 12, 2017
  • Ned Flanders might be an uncomfortable source of familial affection and exaggerated Judeo-Christian values, but he's also the source of some damned fine-looking hot cocoa. In the silver-screen adaptation of America's longest-running-animated-adult-comedy-cartoon-family, Flanders continues his assault on the Simpson's way of life with a steaming mug of human kindness and empathy.

    Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free

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  • Cesar Ángel
    Cesar Ángel  6 hours ago

    Babish: making pancakes
    Also Babish: how about some
    K O S H E R S A L T

  • Predator Z
    Predator Z  8 hours ago +1

    Goat milk,

  • Daily Sandwich
    Daily Sandwich  11 hours ago

    The scene was so satisfying

  • flower power
    flower power  14 hours ago

    I though he used one of those waffle cookies in the coca. That's the only way i saw the marshmallow being able to sit on top lol

  • •Silver_the_trans_mess• 0110

    Why kosher salt-wHy???

  • Sammy Julian
    Sammy Julian  15 hours ago

    i thought it was wafer not graham

  • Jenya Nya
    Jenya Nya  16 hours ago

    Лайк, если знаешь, что Vanzai делал это тоже...

  • xxroyalxtigerxx

    Kinda feel bad that we use the same kitchen torch because mine is used to take marijuana dabs, and his is used for actual cooking.

  • Joshua Bennett
    Joshua Bennett  yesterday +1

    Homemade Hot Chocolate is honestly the best thing ever

  • Becky Sinclair
    Becky Sinclair  yesterday


  • Payton Murray
    Payton Murray  2 days ago

    I think almost every recipe has kosher salt

  • booty_ hunter420
    booty_ hunter420  2 days ago

    Do people not understand that you're supposed to add salt to hot cocoa?

  • booty_ hunter420
    booty_ hunter420  2 days ago

    Dude the way he goes down to his drinking spot is so goddamn funny for some reason

  • Galiad_exe
    Galiad_exe  2 days ago

    Wait, I thought he put in a wafer bar into the hot chocolate, not a graham cracker

  • Lucky Inky
    Lucky Inky  2 days ago

    Damn i loved that scene it looked so tasty

  • Seatontherapper
    Seatontherapper  3 days ago

    How much kosher salt do u go through in a day

  • Sorcha Mccabe
    Sorcha Mccabe  4 days ago

    Just tried making this, and it’s so good!!!

  • Gian matute
    Gian matute  4 days ago

    This.... is some next level stuff

  • MeatQuaad
    MeatQuaad  4 days ago

    Burnt marshmallows are a delicious marvel of science, anyone who disagree's is a communist.

  • venus senorita
    venus senorita  5 days ago

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