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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 5, 2019
  • In Japan, it's possible to hire a family member or friend to act as whatever surrogate you need. Hiroko, our Asian Boss reporter in Tokyo, spoke with the CEO of Family Romance, a family and friend rental service.

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  • terrell fair
    terrell fair  5 hours ago

    Anyone interested in going to japan and starting a "rent an American " buissness?

  • Mallory Orear
    Mallory Orear  18 hours ago

    Y’know I see a lot of comments saying that this is really weird, but for someone who is lonely and has social anxiety, this service could actually do a lot of good for people.
    You would have to always remember that these people are paid and are acting, if you didn’t keep that in mind then you might get hurt.
    But this service could boost a person’s self-esteem and happiness, and could get them to come out of their shell.
    I don’t agree with using this service for nefarious purposes, like lying about having a girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend, or child though...

  • babyfirefly
    babyfirefly  yesterday

    This is insane I didn’t expect ANY of this ahhaah

  • LeoRick Maraggun

    This is a serious social issue

  • jellycious pudding

    It's funny to think that an owner of rental family company is a single...

  • Times Ancient
    Times Ancient  2 days ago

    Being a fake after for 9 years! What kind of stupid ass mother does that to her daughter... And what an ass is this man? Aren't children allowed to live in reality makes them a real person?
    I wouldn't be amazed if Japan were the first country to start producing babies as per their needs.. Like in krypton.

    STEVEN OSMA  2 days ago

    This whole thing makes me want to cry. I think there are so many aspects that are relatable to any one. At the same time, I don't think this kind of rental service is a bad thing. I don't think it is a flaw about the society or the people. I just think it is one way to deal with hardship and should be given the same kind of respect as counseling.

    STEVEN OSMA  2 days ago

    I really hope no one judges this kind of thing...

  • Cocobutter Chin
    Cocobutter Chin  2 days ago

    Sign me in. I am a Single Woman. I am an actress too lol

  • Crazy Humorous
    Crazy Humorous  3 days ago

    This is a bit messed up... messing with the children's emotions like that. Do you have any idea what kind of damage it can do to someone to find out their daddy is rented? I can understand it, I lived in Asia a while, so I know how single-parent-families are shunned. But still...

  • Kira Kuran
    Kira Kuran  3 days ago +1

    imagine when you're so lonely and you're family hates/disowns you and you have no more reason to live, but then you feel like renting a family, and then suddenly that family becomes you're reason for living, so you continue working to earn money to see them again, but then you realise that it's all fake in the end, but then the "fake" family tells you that their bonds were real, just that you have to keep paying them, so then you keep paying them forever until you die. What is real and what is fake? I think there should be some room for you to decide it on your own.


    Time to delete browser history again ;-;

  • Sirius J
    Sirius J  3 days ago

    Imagine your husband /wife hired fake family to your wedding day. It'll be be like your relationship begins with fake.

  • kateholmes
    kateholmes  3 days ago

    No matter how i think about it. this whole servicr aboutt renting humans to fake a certain position in your life is just purely unethical. well its true that they need to rent parents for pre wedding cos their own parents had disown them. but isnt that lying to your futuure in laws? and also you start the marriage with lying. Its just unethical at another level. One should know how to draw a line between sympathy and ethics.

  • Nguyen Myth
    Nguyen Myth  3 days ago

    ancap nibbas be like:

  • Bunsay Channel
    Bunsay Channel  3 days ago

    They dont believe in makes life miserable

  • Saikat Chatterjee

    I am proud to have my dad living with me and my family. Even in this post modern time, majority of Indians are taught to treat their old parents with great care. My country is poor, but we are not poor in our hearts for our aging family members. Akhand Bharat!

  • hellojane
    hellojane  4 days ago

    Japanese people are brilliant but one thing flawed is their pride. It destroys so many things including their relationship with each other.

  • jack bank
    jack bank  4 days ago

    I don’t think that rental families should be used for some of these situations like how the single mother couldn’t get a child into kindergarten without a husband. That’s a national problem. Nobody should be refused education because of their martial situation. That’s something Japan should fix not a company

  • Jessica Stohr
    Jessica Stohr  4 days ago

    This is really sad..I feel that this service allows them to lie to others either to impress them or because it's easier than the truth. How will those kids feel finding out their relationship with their father was with a hired actor? Idk there are so many facets to this service. I don't believe hiring fake family members is ever the best option though; it's a coping mechanism for damaged people.