Trying Clickbait Photo "Hacks" From Instagram

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 19, 2018
  • Check out our merch here: your size is sold out, we're restocking ASAP so sign up for email updates!So I've been seeing these bizarre photo and video "magic" editing hacks all over Instagram, and they always seem so incredibly strange that I decided to test a bunch of them out and see how they were! We tried a few out from different instagram accounts and pages and ended up jumping into a giant teacup, twirlin' in the man-made rain, doing a heart bokeh effect, knocking on the door to the upside-down, and walking against the grain of society. Troom Troom, what's good?This video is NOT sponsored!Safiya's Instagram: The GapRetro MetroGo TownTrendsetterMother Of All MambosHokey PokeySwing SistersThose Gypsy GirlsVia Audio NetworkAssistant Editors: Emily Linden & Claire Wiley


  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  10 months ago +6495

    HELLO FRIENDS! so sorry for the delay in upload... but here are some bizarre photo and video hacks that i tried so you don't have to! also, if you want to - check out our merch at! And if your size is sold out, sign up for email updates so we can let you know when we've restocked! xoxo, saf

  • Yari Granados
    Yari Granados  10 months ago +6621

    The dislikes are from the squirrel community

  • thecookie onthetable
    thecookie onthetable  8 months ago +2519

    I died when the squirrel threw that stick HAHAH

  • Simran Dhodi
    Simran Dhodi  8 months ago +2119

    Who's here after Saf got engaged?! 😍

  • OofASmolLil Bean
    OofASmolLil Bean  9 months ago +1092

    The dislikes are from the squirrels family.....

  • hiyori iki
    hiyori iki  8 months ago +442

    The most awkward back walk in the world 17:14

  • Natasha
    Natasha  6 months ago +476

    Don’t make a tea joke!
    I’m swimming in tea!

  • Jungkσσk ღ
    Jungkσσk ღ  7 months ago +851

    im dying at the squirrel LMAO

  • Michelle Garraway
    Michelle Garraway  4 months ago +298

    This video broke the fourth wall and shattered my blissful ignorant illusion of you and Tyler just workin together and making home-made videos as a rough and tumble duo.

  • Tori Smith
    Tori Smith  8 months ago +532

    The squirrel was like.. "get outa my park!"😂😂

  • Gwynn Nilo
    Gwynn Nilo  10 months ago +1600

    Tyler calling the squirrel a "little b**h is a mood 😂

  • Unicorn cia
    Unicorn cia  7 months ago +257

    Tyler: Don't make a tea joke
    Saf: I'm swimming in tea
    Ty: God damnet
    XDDD LOL 🤣🤣

  • Ashley Winters
    Ashley Winters  7 months ago +170

    Saf: “Tyler looks like a tomato demon”
    Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lucia Szocsova
    Lucia Szocsova  5 months ago +53

    I saw a TroomTroom somewhere around 6:20. Don't do it Saf, do not step into kingdom of Troom, do you not watch Cristine from SimplyNailLogical? :D

  • Superpink girl
    Superpink girl  7 months ago +142

    "the flood is coming!" Is me on my period.

  • Tina Kagawasan
    Tina Kagawasan  10 months ago +1349

    im disappointed saf. how can u drop a clothing line and not have ONE item with bat sleeves?

  • Elin Feldt
    Elin Feldt  5 months ago +125

    19:14 it sounded like she said "i smell a wh*re". I was so shocked and needed to replay it😂😂

  • Lucy Lulu342
    Lucy Lulu342  4 months ago +43

    The squirrel was like, “Get out me swamp”

  • Rin Jernigan
    Rin Jernigan  7 months ago +77

    Saf, iconic YouTuber, generally cool and humorous gal, cannot legs.

  • Demonitizing Character
    Demonitizing Character  1 months ago +36

    I’m cryyyinnnggg “you’re just in a heart!” What did you expect to happen 😂😂