Trying Clickbait Photo "Hacks" From Instagram

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 19, 2018
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    So I've been seeing these bizarre photo and video "magic" editing hacks all over Instagram, and they always seem so incredibly strange that I decided to test a bunch of them out and see how they were! We tried a few out from different instagram accounts and pages and ended up jumping into a giant teacup, twirlin' in the man-made rain, doing a heart bokeh effect, knocking on the door to the upside-down, and walking against the grain of society. Troom Troom, what's good?

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    Mind The Gap
    Retro Metro
    Go Town
    Mother Of All Mambos
    Hokey Pokey
    Swing Sisters
    Those Gypsy Girls
    Via Audio Network

    Assistant Editors: Emily Linden & Claire Wiley


  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  a years ago +6731

    HELLO FRIENDS! so sorry for the delay in upload... but here are some bizarre photo and video hacks that i tried so you don't have to! also, if you want to - check out our merch at! And if your size is sold out, sign up for email updates so we can let you know when we've restocked! xoxo, saf

  • Xolivia07 Macarthur
    Xolivia07 Macarthur  3 days ago +1

    it rains a lot when it’s sunny where i am, is it just me

  • Kai Grigg-Crofutt Adkins

    Come to idaho, it is sun and rainy at the same time

  • Cinobite
    Cinobite  4 days ago

    I'm a photographer, the bokeh one works really well and is actually super easy to do. Easiest with a long focal length and super wide aperture

  • Dolphin Girl
    Dolphin Girl  6 days ago +4

    Does anyone also love her “alright!”

  • bananabuttersomethin

    I did bokeh for a high school photography class. It was super easy. Can't remember how I did it though.

  • Colbie Dobbs
    Colbie Dobbs  7 days ago

    “don’t make a tea joke!”
    “god damn it!”

  • Lara Marinkovic
    Lara Marinkovic  7 days ago

    I love her last name😂

  • stupid fat fuck
    stupid fat fuck  7 days ago +1


  • stupid fat fuck
    stupid fat fuck  7 days ago


  • Polina N
    Polina N  7 days ago

    Bokeh hack works. You just need to have a fix lens line 35 or 50 mm focal length. That’s it. You did it completely wrong :/

  • Danitz Angel
    Danitz Angel  7 days ago

    I feel like she cut the heart too small Cuz if you can notice they cut it big

  • Shaymaa Roundi
    Shaymaa Roundi  7 days ago +1

    9:01 Russian slav 101

  • María Burgos
    María Burgos  14 days ago

    Saf: It is interesting that is sunny while is raining.
    Costa Rica: Pfff gurl please!!

  • Msfinable
    Msfinable  14 days ago

    The heart thing works! For as long as the heart hole is big enough (so they it doesn't change the shape of the image) and you really have good bokeh. Like try it out outdoors with Christmas lights, so that there's enough distance

  • Marvelous Art
    Marvelous Art  21 days ago

    Saf: Oh look it's raining while its sunny!
    Me: Oh hey! She described Colorado!

  • Madhu
    Madhu  21 days ago

    8:21 long women problems

  • differently
    differently  21 days ago

    I think the heart needed to be bigger 🖤

  • Hannah H
    Hannah H  21 days ago

    The heart one is really confusing.. there is no way that would work. In the click bait video, they literally just put heart lights. 🙄🙄😳

  • bad nipple
    bad nipple  21 days ago

    gotta do the moon walk