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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 26, 2019


  • Mia7189
    Mia7189  6 months ago +4672

    An SNL writer posted on Twitter last night that James worked with them on this skit by rewriting his lines, telling the writers that 'everyone in Scotland will understand me, but no one in the US will'. Good work, James. 😂

  • Cavannaro 1
    Cavannaro 1  6 months ago +4900

    I’m a Scottish air traffic controller working at the London centre, and i swear to god that this is representative of pretty much every time I have to control a United or Delta flight.

  • Asha Overstreet
    Asha Overstreet  3 months ago +952

    "your accent is very thick, is it possible to not have it?" omg i am dying 😂😂

  • M H
    M H  6 months ago +2424

    Translation of James McAvoy's bits from a Scot :)
    "Alright, now there's no time for names mate. I know you're going pale up there but I'm going to get you down faster than a whippet gets a hard on.
    Now I'm gonna get you down, but, here is what I need you to do first. Ok, have a deep breath.
    I just want you to take a deep breath.
    In out in out. You alright there wee man? You alright?
    Deep breath, right! Deep breath! And you need to stay calm
    Now listen to me very carefully. On the wee panel of switches in front of you there is a brown doo-dah with a red jack about the size of a, fucking, what do you call it... American cookie. Not a Keebler? No alright. Theres a small thing the size of an oreo cookie, right? I thought it was a Keebler. What's the doo-dah coming in at (reading)?
    Mate, the brown doo-dah that looks like an oreo cookie. What's it coming in at?
    No, brown. The colour brown.
    Yes! What's the brown doo-dah coming in at?
    Good. Two heads are better than one. Right, have a little look out the window down at the ground. Tell me if you can see Auchentoshan Plane Station.
    Listen big man we're only going to get one shot at this. The little burgundy thing on the dash, give it a little tug.
    Oh no, no, oh my God. Radars got you leaving Scottish airspace. This connections getting crunchier than a bag of smashed crabs. God speed you lot. Glasgow out."

  • Eleni 1979
    Eleni 1979  6 months ago +1144

    Lmao, "they're speaking Scottish at me"

  • Daood Zafar
    Daood Zafar  6 months ago +991

    Can this please be the accent for my new Alexa

  • Frances Outlaw
    Frances Outlaw  5 months ago +370

    There should be a full Wales continuation skit with a true Welsh actor.

  • Inquisitor Pippa
    Inquisitor Pippa  6 months ago +683

    Video: we’re gonna switch you over to welsh airlines
    Me: oh no. Oh no no no no 🤣

  • WeeScottishLass
    WeeScottishLass  6 months ago +785

    This might not be exactly right but... let me attempt to translate the Scottish for you all:
    Scottish Lass: Yes this is Glasgow, air traffic control, are you in distress?
    Guy: Umm... yes I'm not a pilot I am part of Kylie Jenners brand integration team, we're on a private jet going to London for a lips by Kylie event but we hit bad turbulance and our pilot got knocked unconscious but Kylie is not on board, thank god!
    Lass: Okay, I don't know who that is, but sounds like you're going to have to land that plane. I'm putting you in very good hands, this man is the best, he'll get you down, just do exactly as he says.
    Guy: Okay, I'm ready.
    Scottish Lad: Alright now there's not a tick tock for Monica's (Dunno this phrase) big man, I know you're coming on a bit pale up there, but I'm going to have you land faster than a guy gets an erection.
    Guy: .......!?! What!?
    Lad: Now, I'm going to get you down but here is what I need you to do first okay? Have a deep breath!
    Guy: D- okay what?
    Lad: I just want you to take a deep breath... in, out, in, out, are you alright little man?
    Guy: In... oot... what?!
    Lad: Deep breath! Deep breath! And you need to stay calm!
    Girl: What are they saying?
    Guy: He says I need a steak-um?
    Girl: Okay? Maybe there's one in the cabin?
    Lad: Now listen to me very carefully, on the little panel of switches in front of you there's a brown thing with a red pin about the size of a... what would you call it? American cookie?
    Lass: Oreo cookie?
    Lad: Ore- no a keebler? No? Alright, there's a little thing about the size of an oreo cookie right? I thought it was a keebler... what's it coming in at? (What does it say / read?)
    Guy: K-keeblar? Say again?!
    Lad: Mate, the brown thing that looks like an oreo cookie, what is it coming in at? (What does it say?)
    Guy: Ah.. broom do-da?
    Lad: No, no, no, repeat; brown! The colour; brown!
    Guy: OH! Brown?
    Lad: Yes! What is the brown thing coming in at? (What is it saying?)
    Guy: I am so sorry your accent is very thick, is it possible to not have it? Over!
    New Guy: Alright let me handle this, I spent some time in Scotland so my ears are friendly to Scottish flavour. Yes hello this is Clement, Kylie's brand director, let's do this!
    Lad: Good! Two heads are better than one, right have a little look out the window down at the ground. Tell me if your eyes can see (plane station name).
    Clement: NOPE!
    Guy: NO! Clement I need you! Clement I need you!
    Clement: Alright fine, please tell me what I need to do?
    Lad: Do- you- come on, you try with him.
    Lass: Alright, can you look out the window?
    Clement: Did I eat at Wendy's? Never!
    Lass: No, out the window!
    Clement: Alright fine, I had Wendy's last week... but don't tell Kylie!
    Lad: Listen big man stop talking about food, because we're only going to get a shot at this once! Now, there's a small red thing on the panel give it a pull.
    Clement:... No!
    Lad: Oh no... oh no... oh noooo in the name of Jesus... radar has you leaving Scottish airspace, this connection is getting crunchier than a bag of smashed crabs.
    Lass: Alright we're going to have to patch you over to Welsh air traffic control, get you down to the ground.
    Lad: Alright god speed you lot (good luck!) Glasgow out...
    Girl: Okay what's happening?
    Guy: I don't know! I think we're on our own...
    Welsh Guy: Hello? Welsh traffic control!
    Guy: Maybe not! Good to hear your voice Wales :D
    Welsh Guy: Okay... uwiary98p4t8watu843tq8u4t[qt4ut3qtirjgosfh (I suck at Welsh accents!)
    Guy: WHAT!?
    Girl: Just aim for water...

  • Hypno Harlequin
    Hypno Harlequin  6 months ago +2916

    The entire English language has left the chat

  • Chudney Hadarah Williams
    Chudney Hadarah Williams  6 months ago +301

    cuz being jamaican. ii’ve always noticed a HUGE similarity between the jamaican accent and the irish/scottish accent.
    lol ii easily understood EVERYTHING he said. 😂

  • Reischa Parker
    Reischa Parker  4 months ago +93

    James McAvoy is the total and funny and raging talented!! I just love him!

  • nina ic
    nina ic  yesterday

    Scottish seems a little bit similar to some version of UK people speaking German language, I think. 😅😄😁

  • Angela S.
    Angela S.  1 months ago +24

    When Kate said “we’re gonna have t’ patch ya over to Welsh air traffic control” I almost fell out the bed laughing 😂😂😂😂👍🏽👍🏽

  • ed rage
    ed rage  6 months ago +1663

    Your accent is very thick, is it possible to not have it?

  • Flaubert
    Flaubert  6 months ago +114

    "Kylie Jenner Brand Integration Team" 🤣🤣🤣 lmfao

  • WatchJRGo
    WatchJRGo  6 months ago +272

    Whatever you do... DON'T AIM FOR WATER! 😂

  • RiverTam911
    RiverTam911  5 months ago +85

    I’m very surprised that as an American I could understand about 95% of what he was saying. Time to move to Scotland!

  • Keith Anderson
    Keith Anderson  6 months ago +212

    Kate McKinnon's accent isn't bad.

  • FlyingOverTr0ut
    FlyingOverTr0ut  6 months ago +3090

    I could watch another ten minutes of James McAvoy shouting piloting instructions in Scottish.