What a new Supreme Court means for abortion

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
  • States can — and are — limiting access to abortion. In some parts of America, it is essentially unavailable.

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    Abortion has been a subject of debate for decades, and now, President Trump is poised to tip the balance of the Supreme Court into one that could reverse the historic decision that established a woman’s right to choose: Roe v. Wade.

    The case of Roe v. Wade is a frequently a stand-in when we talk about abortion rights, and Trump would be fulfilling a campaign promise by appointed judges that could, in theory, overturn the decision.

    But although the landmark 1973 ruling made abortion legal — in fact, a guaranteed constitutional right governed under the right to privacy — states have limited powers to regulate the practice. And they have been given more and more authority to add restrictions and regulations that limit that right to a smaller number of individuals.

    There are 1,193 state-level restrictions on abortion, and for some women, it has functionally made abortion inaccessible. And if the Court does overturn Roe v. Wade, some states already have laws that would automatically ban some or all abortion. But many American women already live as if that were the case.

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    Read more about the NBC/WSJ poll showing that most Americans want Roe v. Wade to stand:

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  • Matt love
    Matt love  7 days ago


  • mopthermopther
    mopthermopther  3 months ago

    Moloch says..
    “Abortion Good “

  • Daniel Estrada
    Daniel Estrada  4 months ago

    Damn we really in this now

  • Research Both Sides Equally

    Watch "Unplanned". It answers everything!

  • Sarah V
    Sarah V  5 months ago

    Please watch the movie Unplanned it a very good. It’s an eye opener it shows what happens to an unborn child

  • gaming islife
    gaming islife  5 months ago

    I hate the justices that Trump appoints but God please God let them repeal roe v wade

  • Judson Gaiden
    Judson Gaiden  5 months ago

    Why is it that a lot of the same people who support gun control also support abortion? And why is it that those who advocate both often advocate global government?

  • Neko
    Neko  5 months ago

    womens right to murder.

  • Andy T
    Andy T  5 months ago

    Travel to Vietnam for abortion & hv some Pho.
    Vietnam has no restrictions on abortion.

  • LenaLove
    LenaLove  6 months ago

    Woman are the only ones who can "legally" kill

  • bonerhalodude
    bonerhalodude  6 months ago

    Whores who get knocked up don’t deserve the right to choose

  • Yen Feng
    Yen Feng  6 months ago

    Well the Supreme Court also said its okay to torture and adminster treatment of the mentally ill so shows how we went from a Godly Nation to a Demonic Nation. Time to go back to God!

  • Yen Feng
    Yen Feng  6 months ago

    No such right of murder sorry left wing your demonic ways will end soon Glory to God

  • Yen Feng
    Yen Feng  6 months ago

    Abortions are Genocide Charge all woman who do abortions with mass murder.

  • exclusively historical gaming

    Abortion is murder!

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea  7 months ago

    This wouldn't be a big problem if women would stop opening their legs to guys who don't love them.

  • ComeAndSee2012
    ComeAndSee2012  7 months ago

    Women's freedom to kill...

  • Dumbo Octopus
    Dumbo Octopus  8 months ago

    It means kids won't be murdered and the father having no control over it. That's what it means

  • SLab _
    SLab _  9 months ago

    abortions are disgustong, youre killing a child withou a choice

  • Grundle Munch
    Grundle Munch  9 months ago +1

    it doesn't seem like RvW is in jeopardy