Dope Tech: Camera Robots!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 3, 2018
  • Motorized Precision. Bleeding edge dope tech at its finest.

    Robots by MP:

    Robot that shot Kendrick Lamar video:

    MKBHD Merch:

    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:

    Intro Track: Natural by Moe Shop



  • Erdenebaatar
    Erdenebaatar  6 hours ago


  • Smeaty_K derpplayz

    If i was marques, i would of jumped if a camera on a robot arm flew inches from my face lol

  • Rutger Fenix
    Rutger Fenix  6 days ago

    крутая штука

  • Robbie Henry
    Robbie Henry  7 days ago

    How much does the KIRA and the MIA both cost (with the Full Setup) ?

  • Jeremy Stock
    Jeremy Stock  7 days ago


  • Enoch b
    Enoch b  7 days ago

    Connect this robot with Boston Dynamics robot, say good bye to a Cameraman.👍🏽

  • Jimmy Vong
    Jimmy Vong  7 days ago

    This video is more exciting than GoT finale. Love you Marques XD!

  • Brandon Burrows
    Brandon Burrows  7 days ago

    Marques just used a song by a lolicon music artist. That's hilarious

  • Soul Equaliser
    Soul Equaliser  7 days ago

    I'd use it to answer the door.

  • zaman khan
    zaman khan  14 days ago

    what would be the price of this camera

  • MeltingStuff
    MeltingStuff  14 days ago

    Kendrick lamar vibes

  • joel jaison
    joel jaison  14 days ago

    Who else thought of deathnote?

  • Pellbort
    Pellbort  14 days ago +4

    I would use this to make the most amazing porn ever created.

  • Omar Abdulaziz
    Omar Abdulaziz  14 days ago


  • Mr Haiansa
    Mr Haiansa  14 days ago +1


  • Dosi
    Dosi  14 days ago

    Just a hint:
    Do a video with that dope robot arm while youare about to touch one of your favourite phone’s acreen with you finger, like the one in Apple’s reveal video for the iXS.

  • David Moreno Belmonte

    100K plis toy.....for Marques Brownlee to make youtube videos....

  • xXPruple_ZXx
    xXPruple_ZXx  21 days ago

    Robot`s Can`t Replace Human`s

  • Itoro Dog
    Itoro Dog  21 days ago

    2:11 i was like omy it's like forza 😂

  • skoot 3D
    skoot 3D  21 days ago

    Thanks for telling us about human limitations. Didn't know this until you pointed it out in your video 🕹