Surrounded by KILLER WHALES!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 30, 2017
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    On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote and Mark go kayaking with Killer Whales! Yes that’s right…right on the water next to one of the largest predators in the world!

    The Orca, perhaps the most revered mammal of the sea, is not only a spectacle to witness in person but has been a symbol significance to human cultures all throughout time. They are intelligent, they are perfect predators…they are beautiful.

    With the opportunity to perhaps see one of these creatures from the natural perspective of a kayak, the Brave Wilderness crew set out onto the ocean’s waves for what might be their most epic Beyond the Tide adventure yet!

    Get ready to see what’s its like to be surrounded by Killer Whales!

    HUGE thanks to Captain Beau and his team at Outer Island Adventures for making this video possible and keeping the crew safe! If you’d like to see these majestic whales for yourself please book a tour today by visiting -

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  • chaps
    chaps  12 hours ago

    They make the biggest whiteshark look like a scared little goldfish ,yet they dont bother us ,yet humans yank them from there familys and stick them in tanks

  • Texas Saltwater Life

    You are as bad as little print on TV commercials cause you can't read it at the bottom next maybe take 30 seconds just before end and explain you had professionals with you and it's not a smart idea to go it alone ....great vid otherwise

  • Justin Bendall
    Justin Bendall  yesterday

    This is my dream vacation

  • Adam Kašák
    Adam Kašák  3 days ago +1

    9:36 beautiful😍🔥👍👌

  • Cindy Eckles
    Cindy Eckles  3 days ago


    PAYNETERTAINMENT  5 days ago

    Orcas are so beautiful

  • GAT onTRAX
    GAT onTRAX  5 days ago

    Killer whales are just waiting for enough info to figure out how to kill us. Give them a chance and they will figure us out and gut us just like they do great whites. Hope our livers don't taste good.

  • Dianna Michalidas

    This was magnificent!!!

  • Wanda Steeves
    Wanda Steeves  7 days ago

    Nice you respected Canadian law

  • Analyn Asi
    Analyn Asi  7 days ago

    Maybe thats a orca

  • Douglas Crespo
    Douglas Crespo  7 days ago

    They’re not killers you simple minded arses

  • e schwarz
    e schwarz  7 days ago

    people who work with and around Orcas are blown away by their intelligence claiming it's like nothing they have experienced. Most all (shoreline) native cultures had/have myths revering dolphins (=orca) as a form of reincarnated human or other worldly humans etc. basically humans of the ocean realm.

  • DaaBoys2138
    DaaBoys2138  7 days ago

    One belly flop and they won’t be seeing us on the next adventure.

  • lilac killer
    lilac killer  7 days ago +2

    Me: jumps in water* Im a dolphin!!! acts like a dolphin

  • Melissa Jean-venne
    Melissa Jean-venne  7 days ago +2

    Cant believe people catch them for amusement and money.

  • Precarious Proletariat

    There are two type of Orc - fish eaters and mammal eaters. You were with the pussycats of the two.

  • John Flanagan
    John Flanagan  14 days ago +1

    They aren't whales. Largest species in the Dolphin family.

  • Tim Barnett
    Tim Barnett  14 days ago

    Exciting, been there when I was surrounded by five It Has after Alfa male swam under my zodiac rubber raft, got great picture!

  • wolfy pup
    wolfy pup  14 days ago

    did you know that orcers are dolphins?

  • Nilesh Nashib
    Nilesh Nashib  14 days ago

    mr coyote where you got so much guts.....