Sax Love • Smooth Jazz Saxophone Instrumental Music for Studying, Relaxing, Dinner, and Chilling Out

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 16, 2018
  • Music for Sax Lovers! Smooth, relaxing, and luscious jazz saxophone instrumental music for people who love the sax. "The sax loves you." ~Dr. SaxLove► Subscribe for more luscious awesomeness:► Play along with the backing tracks to these songs:► Reach out to Dr. SaxLove: is the music of saxophonist Mark Maxwell, aka Dr. SaxLove:► https://drsaxlove.comDr. SaxLove specializes in soft music, smooth jazz, smooth jazz instrumental music, Motown jazz, pop jazz, romantic jazz, saxofon jazz, and jazz blues. His music is optimized for relaxation, studying, dinner music, sensual moments, and any time chill out saxophone music is desired.Enjoy more of Dr. SaxLove's Romantic Music on the Romantic Love Songs Channel: ►


  • yamada koji  8 months ago

    Thank you for uploading a cool sax jazz. Sharp drum section and guitar go well with saxophone. As always, I'm listening to the high resolution PC audio and headphones. It is a wonderful sound and image. from Tokyo

  • Dr. SaxLove  8 months ago

    I am thrilled that you enjoy this music, 山田耕司. It is very meaningful to me that someone with your discerning listening tastes enjoys this music. Greetings from Detroit!

  • Brenda Jackson  5 months ago

    Astounding!!! I just love it. The saxophone simply sounds out notes in the sweetest way.. LET THE MUSIC PLAY

  • Brenda Jackson  5 months ago

    Dr. SaxLove Thanks for taking precious time away from your busy schedule to acknowledge comments. I sincerely love great music. Since listening here to your fine sounds my fondness for the "" wind"" instruments , especially the SAX PLAYED BY YOU is running side by side with my love for guitar music .When a song plays , my ear tunes in to musical instruments playing first. That's why I readily know songs hearing just the instruments.

  • Dr. SaxLove  5 months ago

    I appreciate the love, Brenda! And much love to you, my sister, and greetings to you from Detroit! 😘

  • Bogdan Achim  3 months ago

    Kudos for the innovative and yet correct orchestration of the adaptations. Along with the main sax, nice 2nd sax, rhythmic guitar and kbds scores. With concern to your compositions, a special award goes to 16:08 "The Frequency of Knowing"; mind-blowing awesome

  • Dr. SaxLove  3 months ago

    I appreciate your kind words, Bodgan, and especially your compliment for my song, "The Frequency of Knowing". I appreciate that very much and I appreciate you! ~Dr. SaxLove 🙏

  • Belle's D I Ys  5 months ago

    I play saxophone and that was amazing

  • Dr. SaxLove  5 months ago

    Always a great honor to hear from a fellow sax player, Belle. Much gratitude to you and much love! 🙏

  • Daisy Coelho  1 months ago

    Show!Parabéns pelo vídeo e trabalho. 👍👏👏👏🎵🎼🎶

  • Sohara  2 months ago

    Thanks, SaxLove, for the beautiful music!!

  • Carlos Alvarado  19 days ago

    Lindas músicas para el Restaurante

  • Dr. SaxLove  2 months ago

    Thanks for listening, Sohara. I appreciate you! 🙏

  • so smoothness

  • Dr. SaxLove  2 months ago

    I'm thrilled you're feeling it, Mana. Much love to you, brother! ~Dr. SaxLove 🙏

  • T Thompson  1 months ago

    Amazing sound. Keep the good music coming Dr. Saxlove..

  • Muhd Khairin  6 months ago

    thank you from Singapore!! a very relaxing sax jazz hit . thank you again !! its just wonderful!

  • Kava Tava  17 days ago

    that was amazing