Riverdale - SNL



  • Clayborne  (Feb 9, 2019))

    It's cool they got Rami Malek to play Pete Davidson.

  • Bella Chloe  (Mar 22, 2019))

    Clayborne hahahaha

  • Sirbanza  (Mar 19, 2019))

    He looks just like him!

  • happyandhapa  (Feb 9, 2019))

    I love how Kenan always plays the only guy who can see the obvious

  • Nicole Gabino  (Feb 23, 2019))

    Not when he was a lobster

  • Rita Shaw  (Feb 20, 2019))


  • They need Pete for this weird stuff

  • Bella Chloe  (Mar 22, 2019))

    greenghost2008_Progressive ikr

  • Tamera Brown  (Feb 24, 2019))

    6000th like

  • connie lynch  (Feb 9, 2019))

    honestly?? pretty realistic given riverdale’s track record

  • The Wonderlander  (6 days ago))

    I really only watch it when I’m bored and have nothing better to do I was invested in the 1st season but now not so much...

  • neegas  (Apr 1, 2019))

    Bughead was poorly developed

  • Murad Diab  (Feb 9, 2019))

    Pete showing range makes me way happier than it should

  • Chugargonfan  (Feb 11, 2019))

    kim jong long dong this reply was kinda fire tho

  • Danielle Balouise  (Feb 10, 2019))

    Actually kinda clever of a sketch. I actually laughed when Pete's character sat up and explained why he was convulsing. I was not expecting that reasoning. Also, feels like this is the first time I've witnessed Pete actually playing a character.

  • Jonida Sanço  (Feb 10, 2019))

    +Hephzie Berry okay

  • Hephzie Berry  (Feb 10, 2019))

    JP O'Brien yes!!! That’s one of my best Pete sketches. And Chad too

  • Laila K  (Feb 9, 2019))

    wtf pete can do accents?

  • cosmosspring  (Feb 13, 2019))

    Clearly he can't.

  • Keelolo V  (Feb 9, 2019))

    This is the funniest I have ever seenPete Davidson. He actually let himself act instead of breaking character!!! I'm so happy for him because he's GOOD!!

  • Isabella Bezerra  (Mar 4, 2019))

    Did you ever watch him play chad it is hilarious

  • Abbie Dawn  (Feb 23, 2019))

    a dubbs I think he breaks so much because he’s nervous. nervous uncontrollably laughter is very common.

  • Charlie Petricor  (Feb 10, 2019))

    "I wanted to be the queen bae of this drop hive...""Death is sad, Betty..."Yep, that's an accurate idea of a "Riverdale" dialogue.

  • Nextgeneration19  (Mar 18, 2019))

    Charlie Petricor Though tbh, I can more envision Cheryl saying that than Betty.

  • Bianca Culpo  (Feb 10, 2019))


  • Vanna Del Rey  (Feb 9, 2019))

    Surprised no one broke with him thrashing on the table like that lmaoo

  • ShinyArc  (Feb 22, 2019))

    Mizzy Jaymes “stank ass” that’s a unique insult if I’ve ever heard one, props to you

  • Kingly  (Feb 20, 2019))

    Vanna Del Rey Umm I broke 😂😂