Riverdale - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019


  • Clayborne
    Clayborne  6 months ago +12418

    It's cool they got Rami Malek to play Pete Davidson.

  • happyandhapa
    happyandhapa  6 months ago +5850

    I love how Kenan always plays the only guy who can see the obvious

  • Danielle Balouise
    Danielle Balouise  6 months ago +4266

    Actually kinda clever of a sketch. I actually laughed when Pete's character sat up and explained why he was convulsing. I was not expecting that reasoning.
    Also, feels like this is the first time I've witnessed Pete actually playing a character.

  • Vanna Del Rey
    Vanna Del Rey  6 months ago +4065

    Surprised no one broke with him thrashing on the table like that lmaoo

  • please don't reply
    please don't reply  6 months ago +5994

    "Oh Devin, I wanted to be the queen bae of this drab hive"
    "Jughead, I was an A1 river vixen"
    "my poor sweet Devin, what a cousin"
    "death is sad, Betty"
    sounds like riverdale dialogue

  • connie lynch
    connie lynch  6 months ago +4088

    honestly?? pretty realistic given riverdale’s track record

  • greenghost2008_Progressive
    greenghost2008_Progressive  6 months ago +8063

    They need Pete for this weird stuff

  • Keelolo V
    Keelolo V  6 months ago +7323

    This is the funniest I have ever seenPete Davidson. He actually let himself act instead of breaking character!!! I'm so happy for him because he's GOOD!!

  • Charlie Petricor
    Charlie Petricor  6 months ago +2765

    "I wanted to be the queen bae of this drop hive..."
    "Death is sad, Betty..."
    Yep, that's an accurate idea of a "Riverdale" dialogue.

  • Murad Diab
    Murad Diab  6 months ago +5519

    Pete showing range makes me way happier than it should

  • Saneya Khattab
    Saneya Khattab  6 months ago +3063

    Pete violently banging his body on the table had me dying. This whole thing is one of the best things I’ve seen him do.😂😂😂

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname  6 months ago +1183

    In case you haven't noticed I'm weird
    I'm a weirdo
    I don't fit in and I don't wanna fit it
    Have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on thats weird

  • Laila K
    Laila K  6 months ago +6098

    wtf pete can do accents?

  • Jameel Buntley
    Jameel Buntley  6 months ago +3571

    I lost it when Pete started going crazy in the gurnee

  • Elsa Evran
    Elsa Evran  6 months ago +1064

    Lol Pete with that mustache looks like Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury

  • Hephzie Berry
    Hephzie Berry  6 months ago +1920

    He looks like Rami Malek here Lmfaaooo

  • John Moore
    John Moore  6 months ago +648

    "Death is sad, Betty" is SO Riverdale lmao

  • Mariela Wilthew
    Mariela Wilthew  6 months ago +744

    "death is sad Betty"
    The dialog is actually like Riverdale lmao 😂

  • Lindsey Clark
    Lindsey Clark  6 months ago +224

    Holy shit. A skit where Pete doesn’t break character/laugh!?!???! Incredible.

  • Tara
    Tara  6 months ago +432

    would’ve been way funnier if they just did a straight up riverdale parody without the corpse. that show sets itself up lol