Happy New Year! Live Chat & House Tour Part 2

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 1, 2018
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  • p hungmoe
    p hungmoe  21 days ago

    You should give Jackie Chan a call! You are like Younger Jackie 🤣

  • Jlin86az
    Jlin86az  3 months ago

    You should make a YouTube channel or video on gaming

  • Jaime Tan
    Jaime Tan  4 months ago

    Hi, love watching your videos! Glad u like Singapore and the food here. Have u been to Amoy food Center? Lotsa of good hawker food there.

  • What's Up Everybody
    What's Up Everybody  4 months ago +2

    Mike:this is the basement i never opened the door proceeds on opening the door

  • James Fraley
    James Fraley  4 months ago +1

    I realize you're probably never home, but you, my friend, are in desperate need a decorator.

  • Mikki -wolfy- Yeong
    Mikki -wolfy- Yeong  4 months ago

    just one time i want mikey to call out: hello anybody home and someone replying XD,want to see his face :P

  • SilentSavage FanGurl_
    SilentSavage FanGurl_  5 months ago +1

    I think it would be less creepy if you have animals or pets with you in your house so you can't be scared :)

  • Met3lAngel
    Met3lAngel  6 months ago

    Should get your furnace running, also get a gun (for real) and get a couple of guard dogs.

  • Eatophilia K-Drama
    Eatophilia K-Drama  6 months ago

    The effect... reminds me of Blair Witch Project

  • Lal H k i p
    Lal H k i p  6 months ago

    Why is he living alone there .. omaaggaaatt seriously .. but a good place to throw any kinda party tho xD

  • Cathy Tan
    Cathy Tan  6 months ago

    When u come to Malaysia? Your house is so huge. Lol

  • Prashanth Kn
    Prashanth Kn  7 months ago

    And where do you get money

  • Prashanth Kn
    Prashanth Kn  7 months ago

    Where are your family

  • Karla Santiago
    Karla Santiago  7 months ago

    I can’t believe alaxa kept taking!! Lmao. 😂 right when you opened the basement door. She started talking again.

  • TREASURES WOVEN with love . . .

    Omg I see you’re from Middletown NY. So am I!! I love all your videos. I saw you in Mark Weins channel and loved it. ❤️👍🏻

  • Mardocs Marcial
    Mardocs Marcial  7 months ago

    Buy a new house

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous  7 months ago

    Jackie Chan Double

  • lychee57
    lychee57  8 months ago

    Hey Mikey. That’s Food Network’s lost. I think your videos are great and you should have your own show on the networks.

  • Maaria Crosbie
    Maaria Crosbie  8 months ago

    Did you meth test your house before purchasing?

    SUMIT  8 months ago