Cooper "Accidentally" DESTROYED My Flawless Mustang... (Luckily Caught on Camera)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 25, 2019
  • All I'm saying is this guy owes me a 10 second Mustang...
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  • david castano
    david castano  a months ago

    Live Action!!

  • tspike
    tspike  2 months ago

    Welp, we have witnessed who the weak link in the crew is...

  • Mike South Carolina
    Mike South Carolina  2 months ago

    Hey Dude he just got in your truck with the Pepsi

  • Scott Bayer
    Scott Bayer  2 months ago

    LS swap for mini bogger!!!! 👍🏼🤔😂

  • UberDAHnooB
    UberDAHnooB  3 months ago

    By far my favorite interior on the newer mustangs because of that nut cooling air conditioner vent.

  • Z71Ranger
    Z71Ranger  3 months ago

    It's Hotter than 14 Fags in a Porta Potty Here...

  • Track Days.
    Track Days.  3 months ago

    Do a donut around me in a mustang.... living on the edge much...

  • rydplrs
    rydplrs  3 months ago

    2 6volt would work better for storage capacity. Just wire them in series.

  • MrRodknee
    MrRodknee  3 months ago

    Add a fish tank bubbler to ur distributor to keep water out also

  • mbsnyderc
    mbsnyderc  3 months ago

    Setting a battery on top of another battery is sketchy as Fuk.the starter on the tracker isn't going to work under water it will be shorted out.

  • Private Number
    Private Number  3 months ago

    Should be named Comrade due to the Origin of the Camaro name. I win.

  • Josh St. Louis
    Josh St. Louis  4 months ago

    Submersion cooled starter, should last a good 330 feet or so.

  • Kyle P
    Kyle P  4 months ago

    Will you please give Neighbor an alignment. For F sake, just do it!

    SCREWSTON TEXAS  4 months ago

    Try working outside in the Houston humidity

  • storm wickham
    storm wickham  4 months ago

    Cooper looks like a mustang driver🤣

  • Pa tractor boyz
    Pa tractor boyz  4 months ago

    computer in the tracker when mine gets wet it clicks a bunch and won’t do anything

  • Joseph Tulli
    Joseph Tulli  4 months ago

    Coyote swap and pro charge the mustang

  • Zach Hanzl
    Zach Hanzl  4 months ago

    When will the dew burnout video be out

  • NasCarQuan C2S
    NasCarQuan C2S  4 months ago

  • Dallen Helmer
    Dallen Helmer  5 months ago

    What was the ad? Since it's pass July 4th