twenty one pilots - ERS2016 (Highlight 07)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 23, 2016
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  • Hannah Collins
    Hannah Collins  3 years ago +1021

    okay 2 things:
    and "i can hear them, that makes me happy"

  • Holly MAHA
    Holly MAHA  3 years ago +476

    Tyler's face when he hears the people screaming I can't

  • lil
    lil  3 years ago +192

    "I can hear them, that makes me happy" when Tyler said that, it made me sooo happy

  • ri n
    ri n  3 years ago +331

    that footage of josh swimming made me pregnant

  • PurpleGamingStuff
    PurpleGamingStuff  3 years ago +106

    When Josh said he ran and puked I imagined it happen in my head and even when he's puking, he's still so hot.

  • Emily  Tartera
    Emily Tartera  3 years ago +748

    And I love how when josh is swimming of course they have to show Tylers name on his knee

  • manu camus
    manu camus  3 years ago +149

    "you're acting like a little dipcrap"

  • Rachel and Lila
    Rachel and Lila  3 years ago +94

    Anyone else dying when Josh had the camera?

  • Alex
    Alex  3 years ago +51

    no animals were hurt in this video
    except for josh dun
    he threw up

  • Jes S
    Jes S  3 years ago +34

    Is it just me or was Josh especially adorable in this one?

  • pastelstarboi
    pastelstarboi  3 years ago +32

    "I can hear them" smiles "That makes me happy"

  • Twenty Paphonies
    Twenty Paphonies  3 years ago +32

    *crafting in a corner because I'll never get to see my idols live*

  • Instant Crush
    Instant Crush  3 years ago +21

    Hearing Tyler and Josh makes me happy too, so I guess the feeling's mutual.

  • Alex
    Alex  3 years ago +97

    What if the background music is their ...
    Nah ....

  • txaicab
    txaicab  3 years ago +521

    Reasons why this is the best highlight so far:
    1. Josh swimming
    2. Them posing against the wall pictures
    3. The close-up of Josh's "tyler" tattoo
    4.Josh and the gator
    5.Tyler fishing
    6. The way Josh says "interesting"
    7. Everything

  • joonie tunes
    joonie tunes  3 years ago +20

    WARNING: This video contains some sweet footage of Josh Dun swimming in an inflatable ring with a GoPro, prepare yourselves accordingly. You have been warned.

  • angietwitch
    angietwitch  3 years ago +58

    for heavens sake someone take their god damn picture already these boys deserve an art gallery to showcase that 😂

  • ryan
    ryan  2 years ago +14

    Tyler: "I can hear them..." smiles "that makes me happy." grins
    Josh: "Me too."
    OW MY HEART, plz stop i smiled so hard when i watched that bit i love them sm

  • Jemma Pecchia
    Jemma Pecchia  3 years ago +61

    Making a petition to get Joshua Dun to film underwater every single tour highlight vid

  • Sunniva Milne
    Sunniva Milne  3 years ago +362

    "I can hear them.....that makes me happy" MY HEART