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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 26, 2018
  • hey guys, thanks for watching my advice mukbang (dating, friendship and more)! Let me know in the comments if you guys are into more longer content from me! Thanks for eating lunch with me ily.

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  • Juan Lopez Guevara
    Juan Lopez Guevara  8 months ago

    I love you <3

  • Gustavo.U
    Gustavo.U  10 months ago

    Baja blast is just natural to drink with at taco bell

  • Emily ツ
    Emily ツ  a years ago

    You're so prettyyyyy

  • RJ Spear
    RJ Spear  a years ago

    Love how you share. Thanks for being your authentic self. Best wishes beautiful soul.

  • Gracelle Rivera
    Gracelle Rivera  a years ago

    gurl u is flawless

  • Wizzlet
    Wizzlet  a years ago

    Stopped watching at "gif not jif"

  • James bond
    James bond  a years ago

    you are awesome

  • csyddyj40
    csyddyj40  a years ago

    You're beautiful♥️️

  • hilary’s life
    hilary’s life  a years ago

    My cousins name is Leilani Pascal

  • Jacob's Travels
    Jacob's Travels  a years ago

    I have a crush on Mikaela

  • DushiSushi
    DushiSushi  a years ago

    Now i want taco bell. The crunch and i do love baja blast its the only soda worth getting there

  • Thomas Nieman
    Thomas Nieman  a years ago +2

    3:21(pause) When your spirit moves on to the taco-life

  • modernwarrior24
    modernwarrior24  a years ago

    Watching this is like if I'm actually having a date with Mikaela...

  • Ebba F
    Ebba F  a years ago

    Love this!❤️

  • Carlos Munoz
    Carlos Munoz  a years ago

    Eyy that’s nice that you like Baja blast. I think that’s the best drink from Taco Bell

  • Sam Nicole
    Sam Nicole  a years ago +1

    a wise taco bell eating legend omg ilyy

  • Kyrie_Irving
    Kyrie_Irving  a years ago


  • mXb
    mXb  a years ago +1


  • cuore19
    cuore19  a years ago

    Nice video. I was thinking regarding the breathing, maybe speaking a little bit slower could help, maybe... You are so pretty 😍 I would love to know more about your beauty routines. The long gorgeous hair and how do you manage to have such a good body with all the food 😶

  • 2Temthabeast
    2Temthabeast  a years ago

    Seem like she has a small thought in the back of her mind.