Salvage Copart Flood 2013 Dodge Dart SXT Win $1150

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 29, 2019
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  • The Carter Hour
    The Carter Hour  4 months ago +145

    Take the belt off, the AC compressor is probably seized

  • Donald Haverstick
    Donald Haverstick  4 months ago +65

    I bought a 2005 mini that wouldn,t turn over . i took off the fan belts and found a locked up alternator .left the belt off and it fired up first time

  • Georgos Vardaoulis
    Georgos Vardaoulis  4 months ago +39

    Used to find out that it was sold by a third party. Maybe they knew it was seized......

  • nathan hensn
    nathan hensn  4 months ago +19

    Honesty if you can be in this car for 2500-2700$ total that'd be still pretty good.

  • Tom Wilde
    Tom Wilde  4 months ago +38

    'This is why I always tell you to come down and look at these'

  • mateo Ollerbidez
    mateo Ollerbidez  4 months ago +24

    The next reveal is a Mitsubishi Outlander I know because my neighbor has one

    BLISSFUL FAPPER  4 months ago +29

    before you replace the engine. drain the trans fluid and check for water.

  • Thirty Three
    Thirty Three  4 months ago +34

    $1500 for a car that is a no run and drive? Sounds liike you paid too much

  • Larry Trevino
    Larry Trevino  4 months ago +13

    Try soaking with kerosene, diesel fuel and automatic transmission fluid all work as well

  • Mohit Surtani
    Mohit Surtani  4 months ago +18

    You should change the name of your channel to “Sight Unseen Rebuilds”

  • JohnBelwell
    JohnBelwell  4 months ago +8

    DON'T CRANK THE ENGINE PERIOD! Remove the oil pan to check the actual condition of the crankshaft and bearings. Not to say you should take of the head aswell.
    Don't be afraid to open the engine! You do know it's a matter of a couple of hours to screw it back together but we always avoid doing it!
    Even if you manage ti turn the engine you should be aware of the condition of the cylinder walls and pretty much everything, otherwise this is so pointless!
    For example it might need a little honing which might clean a rusted cylinder which can otherwise get destroyed if the engine ever run. The crank will also get so destroyed if it cranks with seized bearings no matter how much mystery oil you put.
    It sure as heck is a nice engine but to fix this you need to disassemble it completely.

  • Teddy Dacareth
    Teddy Dacareth  4 months ago +24

    2003-04 Mitsubishi Outlander. That 2.4 ain't bad. Can't wait to see what that one's all about.

  • jefnf
    jefnf  4 months ago +27

    ALWAYS drain the oil FIRST. Even if you flush it with waste oil a few times. Cheap insurance

  • MR Islandtime
    MR Islandtime  4 months ago +2

    Your next cars a 2004 or so Mitsubishi outlander 👍

  • Angel Velez
    Angel Velez  4 months ago +44

    Bro you should have Tim do all the recording this way you can be in the video explaining what's going on

  • John Sellers
    John Sellers  4 months ago +18

    I had a 74 gremlin that I paid $75 and the engine was locked up. I put oil in it and it cranked and ran for another 2 years. So luck be with you my friend.

  • Big Al's Bike & Auto
    Big Al's Bike & Auto  4 months ago +13

    Too bad the Sebring doesn't have the same engine and transmission...that would have been perfect!

  • tunadavis2787
    tunadavis2787  4 months ago +18

    Randy when you announced it had milkshake i yelled out FUCKKKK LOL

  • Richard Bricker
    Richard Bricker  4 months ago +3

    Marvel's mystery oil is good stuff. Harbor freight runs a sale on a decent bore scope super cheap you might want to look into. I'd pull the carpets and check wiring before spending much. Make sure everything electrical works.

  • Nathan Hudgens
    Nathan Hudgens  4 months ago +62

    Lol, i gotta be careful with what im spending right now, as im standing in front of a car i bought sight unseen for $1500 that doesnt even then over... i think your priorities are all screwed up dude.