Salvage Copart Flood 2013 Dodge Dart SXT Win $1150

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 29, 2019
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  • alex neil
    alex neil  11 hours ago

    great video, uber man.

  • Gerald Fiorello

    Yes in time

  • Edgar Milson
    Edgar Milson  2 days ago

    You should see the motor turn over.
    All the best, Edgar

  • Pat Barrett
    Pat Barrett  2 days ago +1

    Randy, the car sucks, but, I really like the new trailer

  • Izzy Dizzy
    Izzy Dizzy  4 days ago

    You talk too much. Land the plane already!

  • Lawrence Miller
    Lawrence Miller  4 days ago

    Did you ever get it to run ..

  • L Mac
    L Mac  5 days ago

    That click usually means a siezed engine bud. Someone tried to start it when it had water in the engine.
    Or it could have had water in the engine and them sat for a long time which locks the rings into the cylinders. This can be fixed though. But a bent conrod cannot be.

  • Lawrence Jackson
    Lawrence Jackson  7 days ago


  • Rick Gottshall
    Rick Gottshall  7 days ago

    I like your shop

    ECTOPOWER  7 days ago

    Not even new would buy a avenger.

  • Brandon Gutierrez

    That's crazy I used to see these all the time on the streets , just like the avenger, now I don't see a single one around in the streets anymore

  • GerryB
    GerryB  7 days ago

    Randy you are starting to sound like Tyler Hoover & Doug Demuro. LOL

  • GerryB
    GerryB  7 days ago

    All these flood cars why don't you get a thin tube with a suction plunger and draw most of the water out. ?. The tubing your using is too big to go down the places you may have too drain water out of ? !!

  • tim bobaganoosh
    tim bobaganoosh  14 days ago

    Im digging Sasha Banks. Like a Boss.

  • Robert Santiago
    Robert Santiago  14 days ago

    Were part 2

  • Devil's Doorbell
    Devil's Doorbell  14 days ago

    If you have an engine stand. You can rebuild the engine. Piece of cake 😃
    The tranny should be sealed

  • David Jacobus
    David Jacobus  21 days ago

    12 minutes into the video and he finally checks the air filter. Should have been the very first thing to check....

  • Jibrin Idum
    Jibrin Idum  21 days ago

    Is bad that you don't want give back the money u tok after all we did now all most 1yr now

  • DEEz NUGs
    DEEz NUGs  21 days ago

    We use transformer oil on seized boat engines use to get from junkyard

  • Augustus 91
    Augustus 91  a months ago

    Dude, that dart is cool, its like a baby charger.