James Corden On Carpool Karaoke, His Family, The Royal Wedding & More (Full) | PeopleTV

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 20, 2018
  • James Corden joins Jess Cagle to discuss his wife, children and his friendship with Prince Harry.
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    James Corden On Carpool Karaoke, His Family, The Royal Wedding & More (Full) | PeopleTV


  • Rob G
    Rob G  21 days ago

    James, you're a total fake. Everything you do and say is an act.

  • Chris Summers
    Chris Summers  1 months ago

    As ambitious as possible
    As a joke

  • Sharalynn Shanley
    Sharalynn Shanley  1 months ago

    I bet that girlfriend is kicking herself in the butt now!!

  • Suzy Cardell
    Suzy Cardell  1 months ago

    James - You are so right when you said, while in school "do what you like"... focus on that! My brother, whose name is also James, was told by my mum (American / Berkeley) to do this many moons ago in England! He struggled with Dyslexia - that was not recognized in England during the mid 70's, even to the point of wanting to institutionalize him! Needless to say, when we moved to California, he won not one, but two art awards. His life is a success; more so, than any of us other kids. He married a lady from Tawain, has travelled excessively with his two girls. He now lives in one of the most expensive areas in Northern California - Palo Alto, and works at Stanford University, and has for many years!

  • Danielle Denis
    Danielle Denis  1 months ago +2

    Paul's carpool karaoke was GENIUS. Thank you James!!! That was incredibly heartwarming ❤

  • Johnny Maxim
    Johnny Maxim  1 months ago

    I like your Parody with Megan Trainers "ALL ABOUT THAT BASE" Google Johnny Maxim Facebook profiles Simcoe, let me know what you think, ?

  • Higher Love
    Higher Love  2 months ago

    Very good advice. Focus on finding what you are good at, interested in and build on that. Be emotional intelligent first and foremost.

  • elizabeth Crooker
    elizabeth Crooker  2 months ago +1

    how can I really tell you how honest and moving I found this interview. I had experiences that made me know when the time was right to go home. I am Canadian and my son is now living in Dorking...I am not sure if either of us are ready for the phone call as you say,,,you are so lucky to be able to jump and be able to afford the next step.
    you are a love;y guy who I feel I have met before.

  • GiGi Johnson
    GiGi Johnson  2 months ago +10

    I love James Corden. He is humorous and yet vunerable and confident at same time. A great interview.

  • Gina Nagy
    Gina Nagy  2 months ago

    It’s so nice to see all these positive comments! I absolutely adore James and I’m glad everyone else does too! I watch anything he’s in! And I had a very juicy dream about him one time so now I have a sincere crush on him as well ❤️

  • MamaDaugin
    MamaDaugin  2 months ago +3

    James is such a sweetheart. He's good down to his bones. I love carpool karaoke.

  • Norma Ward
    Norma Ward  2 months ago


  • zahn Angela
    zahn Angela  3 months ago +1

    It's so hard not to start laughing when I see James . Even when he does a interview 😂🤣 😂.waiting for him to have a joke.James I bet your a great husband and father Rip George Michael s

  • Lionel Kashila
    Lionel Kashila  4 months ago +3

    I love the story how he met his wife it's just beautiful and honest person .

  • Shelline Armstrong
    Shelline Armstrong  6 months ago


  • Maui KonaKoba
    Maui KonaKoba  9 months ago +3

    Such a huge fan of James!

  • blind comedy
    blind comedy  9 months ago

    James Corden was hangover here?😂😂😂

  • Levent A
    Levent A  11 months ago

    "The only bad choice she has ever made is marrying me" that's not true James.

  • Patricia Bounty
    Patricia Bounty  a years ago

    Evita was a woman who lived an easy life. She met Perón before he was president. When he was the president they gave money and houses to people to get votes. There was no planificación for the future, no economic growth, no education. Please don’t make a hero of that person.

  • S.M. M
    S.M. M  a years ago +1

    Just an AMAZING and TALENTED person, all around!