Since you, music is my refuge

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 28, 2018
  • It's 1 a.m. ~ I should get back to the city...

    Best chilled beats to relax and study to!
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    0:01 1. arvnd - sitting near a campfire
    2:50 2. intuitive - Changing Station
    4:51 3. aqualina & Biosphere - life goes on
    6:52 4. aqualina - tea for one
    8:37 5. biosphere - drifting away
    11:15 6. afterStorm - trapping in the morning
    13:09 7. Kai Engel - Slum Canto
    16:38 8. maliciou - phenomenon
    18:36 9. north - nightshift
    22:29 10. KzZ Beats - My Last Night
    25:45 11. seto - something i dont know
    27:40 12. seto - daydreaming
    30:09 13. Deoxys Beats - REM
    31:41 14. petunie - brief glimpses of beauty
    35:25 15. EPSLN - reversed parad!se
    37:39 17. BVG - it's to late
    39:49 18. lame kids - snowball
    42:17 19. inmark - 再見(see Ya)
    45:02 20. The Dwelling Light - Rainy Day
    47:37 21. Nic☉bé - Everyday Scenes
    49:18 22. Cody - Shiver
    50:40 23. BVG - i love you
    52:23 24. solus et vanae - childhood
    54:43 25. jota. - 03:02

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  • Homework Radio
    Homework Radio  5 months ago +36

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  • Zandar1542
    Zandar1542  7 days ago

    This video is being marked as Possibly Inappropriate and won’t play in my browser (will play on mobile). I believe it is because of the thumbnail. The only other video that has this issue in my playlist is a video with a thumbnail of Spike from Cowboy Beebop smoking. Just FYI

  • Vicent Ramírez Luzón

    Liking the video before listening it.

  • Elijah Cukryznski
    Elijah Cukryznski  14 days ago

    I don't know you, but hang in there. you've gotten out of every dark place you've been in before, so I think you can get out of this one too.
    good luck, stranger.

  • Torstein Nilsen
    Torstein Nilsen  21 days ago

    Casually playing a game for 7 hours with this song on loop not knowing the time

  • Purple Fire 28
    Purple Fire 28  1 months ago

    Does anyone know what song is around 1:19-1:21? I can't figure out the math of the timestamps lol.

  • Hi Weeds
    Hi Weeds  1 months ago

    Music will forever be a better refuge than self destruction. Stay safe everyone.

  • Lemon Ninja
    Lemon Ninja  1 months ago +3

    An old turtle once said:
    "...there's a saying:
    The past is history.
    Tomorrow is a mystery.
    But today is a gift...
    That is why it is called the

  • C C
    C C  2 months ago

    How da hell did i make it too 30 without lofi lol. Man i love this channel. Thank you so much

  • Troodon
    Troodon  2 months ago

    someone who knows where to find track number 9 ? north- night shift ?

  • Mateusz Ppp
    Mateusz Ppp  2 months ago

    I feel sadness, but it doesn't hurt that much anymore...

  • Scott Bert
    Scott Bert  2 months ago

    Dumped and bummed. This says it all.

  • Project Tomato
    Project Tomato  2 months ago

    This was my first ever chill music

  • karlambvids
    karlambvids  2 months ago +1

    I put on this video every time I go to sleep. It's the only one that helps me fall asleep and helps me not have nightmares that I usually have. Thank you so much for creating this video. It helps me a lot

  • TTVRiskyFrisk_
    TTVRiskyFrisk_  2 months ago

    I have an online friend that before I went on vacation when I was on my ps4 in a party with him. He was listening to jerks he call his “friends” and they kept making fun of him. He brought me to party chat cause at the time we were in game chat and he said “I want to end it. I want to die,there’s nothing in this world for me.” I was so scared that I started having a panic attack but at the same time trying to make sure he didn’t commit suicide. He didn’t respond there were 2 others in the party at the time we’ll call them stink and tyrana I was freaking out. We all were but I was calling my friends name and kept yelling then I hear tyrana say “ he’s thinking on what he wants to do...” at that point I go to game chat and start swearing and yelling saying “THIS IS YOUR FAULT!” I was so pissed I didn’t want to lose a friend online or not he was a friend. But I kept yelling and yelling because how scared I was. After that I went to party chat and they were talking to him about it. He said “I have so much to live for... I won’t kill myself.” To this day I still haven’t forgotten about that day. And if someone is suffering, please help them.

    To people reading this hang in there don't give up

  • Undodana The poet
    Undodana The poet  2 months ago +1

    My one wish: To master self-love.

  • Leonor Garcia
    Leonor Garcia  2 months ago +1

    I know these songs are interpreted for the little think their sad teens but listening to this stuff low-key hits a chill spot.

    Not trying to be sad or..fake?? Just in it for the art


  • Joel V.
    Joel V.  2 months ago

    "Been a while since I remembered you. It was nice forgetting what you looked like while it lasted"

  • biip boop
    biip boop  3 months ago

    is that a fricking vape?