Since you, music is my refuge

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 28, 2018
  • It's 1 a.m. ~ I should get back to the city...Best chilled beats to relax and study to!🔴24/7 Livestream 1:🔵24/7 Livestream 2 (no lyrics): you enjoyed this video be sure to 👍 & Subscribe!Comments are welcome!There's nothing that makes me happier than creating videos for you to enjoy. 🎬 Are you a Youtuber? you need TubeBuddy, you can use it to find out analytics of videos and recommended tags giving you an edge over the competition - Find it here! : 0:01 1. arvnd - sitting near a campfire2:50 2. intuitive - Changing Station4:51 3. aqualina & Biosphere - life goes on6:52 4. aqualina - tea for one8:37 5. biosphere - drifting away11:15 6. afterStorm - trapping in the morning13:09 7. Kai Engel - Slum Canto16:38 8. maliciou - phenomenon18:36 9. north - nightshift22:29 10. KzZ Beats - My Last Night25:45 11. seto - something i dont know27:40 12. seto - daydreaming30:09 13. Deoxys Beats - REM31:41 14. petunie - brief glimpses of beauty35:25 15. EPSLN - reversed parad!se37:39 17. BVG - it's to late39:49 18. lame kids - snowball42:17 19. inmark - 再見(see Ya)45:02 20. The Dwelling Light - Rainy Day47:37 21. Nic☉bé - Everyday Scenes49:18 22. Cody - Shiver50:40 23. BVG - i love you52:23 24. solus et vanae - childhood54:43 25. jota. - 03:02🔁RepeatPlease support the artistsArtwork supplied by drawrepulser :Twitter: Please read this:✓ This video upload is an agreed collaboration between Homework Radio, the selected music and visual artist/s to produce a completely unique piece of media. Therefor it is original content and cannot be classed as "Duplication, Reused and/or non-original content". The Homework Radio Youtube channel and its videos serve a practical purpose for the music industry, especially up and coming indie artists. It also serves the purpose of giving artists a platform to promote and share their visual pieces. Homework Radio's uploads are appreciated by the Youtube audience and give's them a location to listen to a vast selection of music while studying. Any and all video cuts, edits and effects are curated and applied by Homework Radio. Should copyrighted media be found within our videos it will not be contested in anyway with the revenue going to the contents owner via Youtube's Content ID feature even when usage is agreed - Homework Radio should be allowed in the YPP#revision #lofi #chillhop #jazzhop #chill #chillout #chillmusic #studymusic #studybeats #lovemusic #gamingmusic #relaxingradio #homeworkmusic #homework #homework #motivation #revision #school #disstrack


  • Homework Radio
    Homework Radio  21 days ago +10

    🔥 Watch next > That 2 A.M. fresh air (Mix) link:

  • Sunny_Ok
    Sunny_Ok  8 months ago +1150

    Life sucks, but music makes it at least a little easier

  • Floris Apon
    Floris Apon  7 months ago +1324

    Hang in there, stranger

  • Pill Bug
    Pill Bug  8 months ago +845

    Sometimes I wonder if I want to be sad on purpose, and then I realize you need sadness to be happy again, and everyone wants to feel that feeling of coming out of a dark place, to be happy again.

  • Yash Kansara
    Yash Kansara  7 months ago +527

    Anyone reading this....have a beautiful day <3

  • Snowy
    Snowy  8 months ago +851

    feeling sad is addicting, and i dont know how to quit.

  • Shuting Wang
    Shuting Wang  8 months ago +306

    Music is the only motivation that pushes me to start my homework.

  • Joaquin Dead
    Joaquin Dead  6 months ago +197

    Father left me when I needed him the most
    So I roam this earth searching for his ghost
    Bringing the wine so together we can toast
    To the best mostly bad times you used to host

  • Bean Bean
    Bean Bean  8 months ago +202

    Refrigerate beats for two hours. Serve chilled.

  • Ayumu_I
    Ayumu_I  7 months ago +219

    For phone users: tracklist: 0:01 1. arvnd - sitting near a campfire
    2:50 2. intuitive - Changing Station 4:51 3.
     aqualina & Biosphere - life goes on
    6:52 4. aqualina - tea for one
    8:37 5. biosphere - drifting away
    11:15 6. afterStorm - trapping in the morning
    13:09 7. Kai Engel - Slum Canto
    16:38 8. maliciou - phenomenon
     18:36 9. north - nightshift
     22:29 10. KzZ Beats - My Last Nigh
    t 25:45 11. seto - something i dont know
    27:40 12. seto - daydreaming
     30:09 13. Deoxys Beats - REM
    31:41 14. petunie - brief glimpses of beauty
     35:25 15. EPSLN - reversed parad!se
    37:39 17. BVG - it's to late
    39:49 18. lame kids - snowball
    42:17 19. inmark - 再見(see Ya)
     45:02 20. The Dwelling Light - Rainy Day
    47:37 21. Nic☉bé - Everyday Scenes
     49:18 22. Cody - Shiver
    50:40 23. BVG - i love you
    52:23 24. solus et vanae - childhood
    54:43 25. jota. -

  • wearealldoomed
    wearealldoomed  8 months ago +247

    And sometimes, not even music is enough...
    Hopefuly this mix will put me to sleep, the last week my sleep hours have shrank drastically for no reason. Good night everybody

  • Lotus
    Lotus  7 months ago +120


  • Natalie Ouimet
    Natalie Ouimet  8 months ago +117

    This title hits home for me. I had pretty hard and emotional break up and music like this...helps me forget for a while

  • Maya Turczewski
    Maya Turczewski  8 months ago +124

    52:23 minecraft music???

  • Pusky
    Pusky  8 months ago +128

    What is life if not suffering and learning how to live with it and go on?

  • victoria da silva
    victoria da silva  5 months ago +44

    you don't feel the same.
    you barely ever speak to me,
    don't bother.
    don't waste your breath.
    but thinking of you,
    and knowing you're not thinking of me,
    i want you to understand what i feel,
    how much confusion i feel.
    you're not the typical guy i'd go for,
    but you had me at hello.
    --since you, music is my refuge

  • Sav Galloway
    Sav Galloway  6 months ago +27

    I had to put my cat down on Friday, he was 9 years old, and he was also my first pet. His name was Sebastian, Sebastian Michaelis in fact. He was a large part of my life for a long time, so naturally, I was heartbroken when it was time to say goodbye. He went peacefully, but my mind was not at ease, every one of my senses was shot, I could only manage out a few sobs here and there on the way home with his empty carrier. I got home and it only got worse, every corner I rounded I expected to see him running up to me, as if nothing in the world had changed, but it really hit home when I walked into my room and there was the bottom right corner of my bed...empty for the first time in 9 years. I broke. I didn't think the tears would ever stop until my playlist came to this, next thing I know, I'm waking up and I feel...fine. Great even, because I know that he is ok, this was the first time I have been able to think clearly in over 24 hours. There is my sad story for the month. I'm going back to sleep.

  • Bara 10
    Bara 10  6 months ago +35

    coming to tis comment section and knowing im not alone makes it all better

  • Kisthy N. G.
    Kisthy N. G.  8 months ago +76

    I often feel like music is the medicine which keeps me alive.
    Maybe I'm right
    I'm sure I'm right

  • Player 4
    Player 4  5 months ago +10

    Hey you. Yes, im talking to you. It's gonna be okay. You've got this. You've done it before and you're gonna do it again ;)