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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • I got good so hard in this game that I broke it entirely. Infinite money, speed hacks, one-shotting everything... I did it all.
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  • David Mathis
    David Mathis  22 hours ago

    will you please play this again with bob wade AND jack???

  • Just A PERSON Who Watches

    Oh lord my eyes hurt.

  • Squidweed
    Squidweed  yesterday


  • Lucas Vaz
    Lucas Vaz  2 days ago

    not moonson =(

  • Rextherage Ragetherex

    bob and wade see this video

    Bob and wade: NANI he was holding back all those times he is a legend

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel  7 days ago

    i got the same thing as mark this op but then i got an item that turned all my hp to sheild then it took like 5 mintes and i was dead

  • Zooch
    Zooch  7 days ago

    Wait till you get a god run on loader

  • PaleHorizon 6502
    PaleHorizon 6502  7 days ago

    This is what I use to get a migraine when want to stay home from school. On full volume.

  • Reyes Ngo
    Reyes Ngo  7 days ago

    "A 140 million gold?!"
    "A 140 million?!!"
    "That's not enough"

  • Jack_Of_All_ Trades_
    Jack_Of_All_ Trades_  7 days ago +1

    This was amazing, please, please do more!!!

  • Jack_Of_All_ Trades_
    Jack_Of_All_ Trades_  7 days ago +1

    Mark, this is what we call a god-run. Everyone gets them, but not like this. This is the god of god-runs

  • Jack_Of_All_ Trades_
    Jack_Of_All_ Trades_  7 days ago +3

    Mark: I don’t really have to worry about death anymore

    Unus Annus has left the chat

  • dima gazelin
    dima gazelin  7 days ago

    try some monsoon dificulty

  • Miguel Carvalhinho
    Miguel Carvalhinho  7 days ago +1

    19:30 omg

  • Kiithnaras Ashaa
    Kiithnaras Ashaa  7 days ago

    Huzzah for Integer Overflow errors ; )

  • Dynasty Gamers
    Dynasty Gamers  7 days ago

    As soon as you reach stage 30 its supposed to stop so yup u broke it

  • MoistMikey
    MoistMikey  14 days ago

    Its cute when they become godlike for the first time ❤️

  • Adrian Schuetz
    Adrian Schuetz  14 days ago +1

    I wanna know what wade and bob thought seeing this

  • RHD Chrome
    RHD Chrome  14 days ago

    TwitchVotesItems is a cool mod i'd recommend :) similar to how Killing Room works

  • He Who Has All Names

    Potted plant becomes god by hoarding items