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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 28, 2019
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  • Worth A Buy
    Worth A Buy  8 months ago +243

    Just a quick note, I mention three planets but it's actually three different biomes on the same planet :)

  • DarkRaikon
    DarkRaikon  8 hours ago

    8:57 you forgot to say that thing that killed you is also there waiting....
    and you come back to life with almost no health ....also you can't grow food so you need to find them

  • chaos16boy
    chaos16boy  a months ago

    I loughed when I saw Mack's truck flip over a rock

  • Rayne Ma
    Rayne Ma  4 months ago

    I wonder is there a top down view from the factory above? It will make it easier to plan the layout.

  • plasticbudgie
    plasticbudgie  5 months ago

    The company have openly stated they wont be develpoing a base defence aspect to the game, so that's a no buy for me.

  • Wongjunkit
    Wongjunkit  5 months ago

    I play factorio, this will be ez

  • David Gill
    David Gill  5 months ago

    Unfortunately, resources tend to be guarded by very aggressive hostile creatures. Using the rifle, rebar gun, or explosives tends to be the safest way to dispose of them. Unfortunately, my game frequently crashes after despatching one of them, resulting in me making a mad scramble to save the game in the very few seconds before the crash occurs. This has been an ongoing problem for a while now.

  • shthouserat
    shthouserat  5 months ago

    I feel sorry for you that you have to go play other games to do your reviews, i haven't even thought about playing anything else since i got this...

  • Luis Cuneo
    Luis Cuneo  5 months ago +1

    a crafting multiplayer game, but i cant set a store to sell the stuff to other players? woa thats really really stupid if you ask me.

  • Evan Walker
    Evan Walker  6 months ago

    This game is literally 1st person factorio and i love it

  • SadSkeleton
    SadSkeleton  6 months ago +4

    first-person factorio. that's all you needed to say

  • Randy Lahey
    Randy Lahey  6 months ago

    I i bought this game a 2 nights ago and cant stop playing it and its all because of you buddy....your reviews kick ass i love the honesty that goes into each and every one ty for showing me satisfactory 😁

  • Jeff Reams
    Jeff Reams  6 months ago

    Gonna have to pick this up because its on sale on Epic for $20. Im a big fan of Facterio and this looks just as fun.

  • corsegerspwnd
    corsegerspwnd  6 months ago

    2:05 dude can't say iron haha AIN AIN

  • GetFrothed
    GetFrothed  6 months ago


  • Simpson
    Simpson  6 months ago

    too bad it's an epic exclusive.

  • Richard ps
    Richard ps  6 months ago

    Problem with this game, is you end up walking / driving around a shit ton, and its clunky building stuff, the creatures are a laughable annoynce, making complex production lines is way more harder than factory, its really hard to keep track, with no overhead view, I got a bit overwhelmed, fun though if frustrating at times

  • Kjell Granlund
    Kjell Granlund  7 months ago

    Can you do Astrox Imperium?? Helped when the game was closed alpha. It's amazing and done by one dev.

  • Harvey The
    Harvey The  7 months ago +25

    Review by Ser Davos Seaworth

  • twi57ed
    twi57ed  7 months ago +2

    Short answer: No, because there's SJWs in the dev team. ez.