Fire Roasted Pierogis - You Suck at Cooking (episode 20)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 1, 2015
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  • Jancel Abobo
    Jancel Abobo  3 years ago +1291

    Since I didnt see it in the comments, I have to say, the scene between the pierogi and the stick was kinda... sexual :/

  • Amaranthine X
    Amaranthine X  3 years ago +306

    Did I...did I just watch pierogi porn?

  • Forkez
    Forkez  3 years ago +486

    "What did you do over the weekend?"
    "I filmed the life-changing soul searching of a pierogi."

  • Uni
    Uni  3 years ago +674

    How many "stunt perogis" were made for this video?

  • TheAverageUser
    TheAverageUser  3 years ago +525

    If you look closely at the reflection at 4:16 you can see his face.

  • Beardbrand
    Beardbrand  3 years ago +417

    I feel like I'm watching a pierogis coming of age movie.

  • Breanna Lee
    Breanna Lee  3 years ago +719

    Thank u for spreading the message to the world to never eat a pierogi that hasn't gone on at least one soul searching road trip.

    STREET SMARTS  3 years ago +396

    Would you recommend sea perogies or tree perogies for this dish?

  • 179jfkla
    179jfkla  2 years ago +147

    I have a sudden urge to get in a canoe and start a new life, I wonder how far this river goes...

  • Carcosa
    Carcosa  3 years ago +161

    seriously, who are you? you're creatively crazy.

  • DavidTheArtNinja
    DavidTheArtNinja  3 years ago +74

    I am an artist and make art and I would have to say that unlike most big popular channels on youtube, your channel is actually very artistic, you are an artist in my eyes, the music, the creativity, the really good shots, and the cooking, I rate this channel a 10/10.

  • h8u4ever
    h8u4ever  3 years ago +304

    I feel like You Suck At Cooking is the food-version of Regular Car Reviews.

  • Saulo Leão
    Saulo Leão  3 years ago +137

    I'm in tears right now, I got some candles here and the guys from the company are joining me in a silent sigil for young Pierogi. Thank you for letting us be a part of this moment. RIP Pierogi.

  • Wendy Schwartz
    Wendy Schwartz  3 years ago +38

    I am curious whether he is using tree pierogis or sea pierogis.

  • Beatrix Kiddo
    Beatrix Kiddo  3 years ago +55

    Man you got some talent in shooting/photography and in music. Love your stuff!

  • airjoe49
    airjoe49  2 years ago +45

    It's been a year little pierogi. Way to go little one.

    YAY ICE CREAM  3 years ago +35

    this pierogi has a more meaningful life than me :(

  • Eleira Eel
    Eleira Eel  3 years ago +12

    Anyone ever wonder what this guy looks like in real life? I've tried to picture his face many times.

  • Alex
    Alex  2 years ago +25

    I am beginning to think Devin might be more than a friend and maybe the inspiration for John and Douglas story

  • Jaan Brooks
    Jaan Brooks  2 years ago +45

    First time I cried over a pierogi