Relaxing electronic music for studying concentration (1h)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 3, 2015
  • Relaxing electronic music for studying concentration, memory and focus for study long, reading and relax.

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    When you sit down to study, how do you transfer that massive amount of information from the books and notes in front of you to a reliable spot in your mind? You need to develop good study habits as outlined below. At first, it'll take a good deal of conscious effort to change your studying ways, but after a while, it'll become second nature, and studying will be easier to do.

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  • Best Music Compilation
    Best Music Compilation  7 months ago +8

    👉 New Piano Music Compilation --->

  • Jean Brunhari
    Jean Brunhari  21 days ago

    Já foi melhor, agora anúncios de 3 em 3 minutos, não tem mais como relaxar e estudar com esse vídeo!

  • Tyll Pfeifer
    Tyll Pfeifer  1 months ago +2

    Can anyone tell me who this person is? He really looks pretty identical with me, no joke :D

    And if this person is a real living one, I imagine what it would be like to meet up haha

    Greetings, blessings and thank you for uploading the music :)

  • Devesh Kureel
    Devesh Kureel  1 months ago

    Unable to understand what dislikers wants??????

  • Dredo
    Dredo  2 months ago


  • Hurly Durly
    Hurly Durly  2 months ago

    ( >ω<)
    /  ) / \


    I love this music

  • Darius 7
    Darius 7  2 months ago

    I can recommended to you GRID 2 Garage soundtracks. Very beautiful songs.

  • Butty Object
    Butty Object  2 months ago

    Va étudier ! Lâche la section commentaire!

  • da righteous
    da righteous  2 months ago

    I know, it's nice reading the comments sometimes

  • Dragonul Alb
    Dragonul Alb  2 months ago

    Don't listen to this while driving or studying :-D This music will make you fly ;-)

  • Most Wanted Videos
    Most Wanted Videos  2 months ago

    working on a research paper and this music is so freaking great, made my work easy

  • low iq detector
    low iq detector  2 months ago


  • joshua lutz
    joshua lutz  2 months ago +1

    This music gave me a glowing golden brain!

  • Bumblebee 003
    Bumblebee 003  2 months ago

    Don't go ahead and drink, it's not a just a drink. Is she saying a dream or drink? why English is so hard to differentiate between words .. not like Arabic on the other hand it's quite easy to understand and differentiate between words no matter how fast or unclear the speaker is .. No wonder God chose it to be the Language of his Holy Book.

  • faisal askani
    faisal askani  2 months ago +2

    The brain is not designed to do multitasking. Brain only do focus task, either listen to music or focus on study... Study needs silence, not dance and music.

  • TheUltimateOgrelord 27
    TheUltimateOgrelord 27  2 months ago +2

    study u little shits

  • Gad Tovel
    Gad Tovel  2 months ago

    Thank to this music I'm on the pensioner concession card

  • The Present Brain
    The Present Brain  2 months ago

  • Yesika Vargas
    Yesika Vargas  2 months ago