Relaxing electronic music for studying concentration (1h)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 3, 2015
  • Relaxing electronic music for studying concentration, memory and focus for study long, reading and relax.👉 New Piano Music Compilation:● FollowFacebook● Compilation1.● How to study When you sit down to study, how do you transfer that massive amount of information from the books and notes in front of you to a reliable spot in your mind? You need to develop good study habits as outlined below. At first, it'll take a good deal of conscious effort to change your studying ways, but after a while, it'll become second nature, and studying will be easier to do. material is copyrighted, do not copy to avoid copyright Infringement. Image(s), used under license from


  • Best Music Compilation
    Best Music Compilation  2 months ago +2

    👉 New Piano Music Compilation --->

  • Psyberlite Media
    Psyberlite Media  3 years ago +1542

    Stop scrolling and get back to studying

  • Iwwiss L.
    Iwwiss L.  3 years ago +101

    If you're reading this comment, you're doing it wrong. Get back to work.

  • Kareem J
    Kareem J  3 years ago +463

    Thanks to this i work at McDonals

  • Jackiloopina
    Jackiloopina  2 years ago +26

    I think half the views are from me studying.

  • Falconer
    Falconer  2 years ago +439

    The music is so good Im dancing in my chair instead of doing my homework. XD

  • SissyFlower5
    SissyFlower5  2 years ago +159

    I've got an essay due tomorrow night with a 20 page minimum, and I'm just sitting here, typing a Youtube comment...

  • Weeping Angel
    Weeping Angel  3 years ago +106

    14:00 forget studying, I'm too busy dancing

  • Kim R
    Kim R  4 hours ago

    I love this mix!! This seriously just helped me focus on tasks while working and my anxiety melted away. AWESOME!! :)

  • August Hein
    August Hein  2 years ago +566

    Don´t read comments, get back to your studying.

  • Sanjana Kaicker
    Sanjana Kaicker  2 years ago +222

    don't even think about scrolling down more

  • Jakob Jakobson
    Jakob Jakobson  3 years ago +57

    why is the picture the otehr way around in the video than in the thumbnail

  • お化け
    お化け  3 years ago +126

    I'm wishing for a track listing.

  • Happy Goat
    Happy Goat  3 years ago +16

    This is the first one that actually works, sounds good and doesnt distract me... Thanks!

  • Paweł Morrison
    Paweł Morrison  3 years ago +12

    I wrote half of my engineers degree paper with this, thanks a lot

  • Corylus Bluefox
    Corylus Bluefox  2 years ago +14

    "Let's suppose that you're writing a really important email to a colleague."
    Let's not. I'm studying.

    LINK IVAN  2 years ago +74

    Study? I listen this while playing

  • Copyright %
    Copyright %  2 years ago +9

    Best relaxing and studying music ever

  • eddy wolfe
    eddy wolfe  3 years ago +41

    15 page history paper. I have 3 pages done :) a couple more to go... I got this!

  • latv oklahoma
    latv oklahoma  3 years ago +2

    i like your music its great for studying