Softball Stereotypes

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 21, 2016
  • Softball Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em. ►The Dude Perfect Show premieres Thursday April 14 at 9/8 Central on CMT! Search and record the whole series on your DVR now!Special thanks to Kris Bryant & Mike Moustakas! Follow them below!Instagram: KRIS: Twitter: KRIS: MIKE:► WATCH our other STEREOTYPES - BELOW to see where to get your NEW Dude Perfect + Nerf toys!)►Mini Basketball Hoop:►Football & Knock Out Target: Play our FREE new iPhone game!!►Play FREE on iPhone --► PLAY FREE on Android --► PLAY FREE on iPad -- of our biggest videos ever are coming out soon so stay tuned so you won't miss a thing!►Subscribe here:► VISIT our NEW STORE -► JOIN our NEWSLETTER -► WATCH our STEREOTYPES - between videos we hang out with you guys on SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook so pick your favorite one and hang with us there too!SnapChat: Search "DudePerfect" you have a GO BIG mindset? See for yourself in our book "Go Big." ► special thanks to those of you who play our iPhone Game and read our book. You guys are amazing and all the great things you tell us about the game and the book make those projects so worthwhile for us! Dude Perfect GAME - Perfect BOOK - "Go Big" - here if you want to learn more about Dude Perfect: points if you're still reading this! Comment “I got it!" As always...Go Big and God Bless!- Your friends at Dude PerfectBusiness or Media, please contact us at:


  • FarFetched
    FarFetched  2 years ago +4895

    Stereotypes Airplane:
    The guy who buys last minute tickets
    The bathroom hogger
    The crying baby
    Mr. no headphones (has his volume up to the MAX but has no headphones)
    The guy who takes up ALL of the bag space
    Mr. paranoid (Example: always is worried the plane will crash, studies the safety manual like a science test)
    The guy who leans back in his seat WAY too much
    The vomit master
    The guy who is afraid of heights
    The snack guy
    The guy who ignores airplane announcements
    Mr. no safety (Example: doesn't put his seat belt on when the flight is taking off)
    The ear popper (The guy who's ears always pop)
    Mr. late (always late to the flights)
    The annoying flight attendant
    The flight attendant that spills all of your food
    The negotiator (Example: the person before you got the last of the item you wanted so you try to negotiate with them so you can get the item)
    The chair kicker
    The quiet airplane announcer (The announcer says the announcement but nobody can hear them because they are talking so quiet)
    The loud airplane announcer (The announcer says the announcement WAY too loud)
    The guy who takes FOREVER to get on/off of the flight
    The loud talkers
    Mr. window seat (He MUST have the window seat)
    The sightseer (The person who sits in the window seat and looks at the view and takes WAY too many pictures of them)
    The sleeper
    The prankster
    The guy who can't find his luggage when he gets off
    The kids who run up and down the aisle
    Mr. electronics
    The guy who asks EVERYONE if they want to play a board game with him and they all say no
    The absent-minded person (Examples: they forget to pack something, they forget to bring money to pay for their car parking)
    The guy who can't find his flight
    The guy who doesn't get through security
    The complaining passenger (Complains to the flight attendants about EVERYTHING (Examples: the flight is taking too long, the food doesn't taste good, the bathroom is too gross for them))
    The low quality microphone for the airplane announcer
    The guy who sits in the WINDOW seat but has to use the bathroom every 5 minutes
    The Delayed Flight
    And of course... The rage monster (Completely freaks out because the flight is delayed)

  • Roann David
    Roann David  2 months ago +1407

    Who wants Field Trip Stereotypes?! Like so the dp can see!

  • Kyle Timmer
    Kyle Timmer  2 months ago +138

    Anyone watching this in 2019 and Mike moustakas is playing for the Brewers

  • MartinMadrazo
    MartinMadrazo  2 months ago +77

    You forgot one-
    “The kid who always borrows others people’s bats”

  • HyperBeast24
    HyperBeast24  1 months ago +94

    Who else is just binge watching old stereotypes vids???🔥

  • KillerSnowGoon
    KillerSnowGoon  11 months ago +1907

    Roller Coaster Stereotypes
    The Strict Operator
    The Loud Operator
    The Line Cutter
    The Barfing Guy
    The Screaming Group of Girls
    The Crying Girl
    The Rage Monster (doesnt get on the ride in time)
    The Roller Coaster Fanatic
    The Merch Guy
    The Fun Facts Guy
    The Group Of Teens
    The Kid Who Cant find Out How To Unbuckle His Seatbelt (idk how to write this smaller)
    The Hands In The Air Guy
    The Waterpark Guy
    The Little Kid Who Thinks He/Shes a Boss For Doing The Smallest Ride In The Park
    Any Other Ideas? :D

  • Evan Newlander
    Evan Newlander  2 months ago +61

    Dear “Old Guy”
    You always made these videos better and funnier. We will never forget you, and you will be missed
    With love and sadness,
    The entire Dude Perfect fanbase.
    If Ty gets selected for Wheel Unfortunate in the year 2019, I will thank the umpire next time I strike out in a high school baseball game.

  • Kaelan Michaud
    Kaelan Michaud  1 months ago +266

    Any body watching in 2019? Like if so......or comment.

  • G N
    G N  14 days ago +50

    Wait a minute... did the old guy just call ty fuzzy face?

  • Kristine Doydora
    Kristine Doydora  2 months ago +96

    Who wants track stereotypes
    Press the thumbs up and it will turn blue

  • Killerzero
    Killerzero  3 years ago +1813

    Sterotypes: Hockey

  • Founding Father
    Founding Father  3 months ago +54

    "And why does he always thank the umpire after ge strikes out" 😅😂

  • Caboose Resurrected

    5:24 He didn't mention the time Tyler destroyed a drivable toy car in the Movie Theater Stereotypes video.

  • FlyingPanda38YT
    FlyingPanda38YT  15 hours ago +1

    Can we get a rip in the replies for Cody’s grandpa

    BRENT CRIDDLE 626  3 months ago +52

    0:49 he got close ill say that

  • master sherbert
    master sherbert  5 hours ago

    me and my friend think you should do cooking stereotypes

  • KingChungus
    KingChungus  28 days ago +12

    Literally Nobody:
    Old Guy: HeY FuZzY FaCE

  • Kenzie Ervine
    Kenzie Ervine  2 months ago +23

    i love that dude perfect is the complete opposite of clickbait

  • Brooke Mizukawa
    Brooke Mizukawa  2 months ago +13

    slide- a- lot made me laugh so hard my mom ran up thinking i was hurt 😂

  • Jack Pezza
    Jack Pezza  3 years ago +1198

    do a football stereotype