My Bro Stole this BMW 335i from IAAI! **Way better deal than Copart**

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 26, 2018
  • I always landed cars from Copart but my brother got his next car from IAAI. He picked up this 335i with a slight fender bender damage for 3.9k which is pretty much as if he stole it! Honestly, I feel like this car would have went a lot more if it was on Copart as it was a Farmers Insurance vehicle. Stay tuned for more as my bro Eugene will be fixing it up nicely and maybe even giving it more boost!

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  • Tibor Makai
    Tibor Makai  21 days ago

    You can get something like this in Cali, as a private party?

  • Ronaldo Pablo
    Ronaldo Pablo  1 months ago

    Where did you buy it and what was the total cost

  • Daddy SmokesYams
    Daddy SmokesYams  2 months ago

    1st if all it's IAA not IAAI. 2nd, they do not offer better deals than Copart in any way

  • Jordan S
    Jordan S  4 months ago

    2005 Saturn ion $75 XD

  • Zero_RR
    Zero_RR  6 months ago +2

    I got my 335i for 1.3k 🙂 on my channel

  • 4wheelfunBros
    4wheelfunBros  7 months ago +1
    Just picked up a 1997 BMW M3 Sedan for my new project!

  • Bmw Forlife
    Bmw Forlife  9 months ago

    3:40 "I had these beemer plates from a lesbian W I had" WTF!

  • Hmoob Toj Siab
    Hmoob Toj Siab  9 months ago

    you guys live by the amherst area :D

  • Eni Hoxha
    Eni Hoxha  a years ago

    Are u guys Albanians?

  • xadam2dudex
    xadam2dudex  a years ago +2

    That is going to be expensive replacing all those airbags ..

  • teamsleepnine
    teamsleepnine  a years ago +1

    manual! that what matters the most!

  • Conekillah
    Conekillah  a years ago +1

    That 240sx tho lol

  • Samia Queen
    Samia Queen  a years ago

    How much price??

  • The Beast
    The Beast  a years ago

    Wow I watched this video 1 week ago and I ended up buying a Clean Title 2007 335I Twin Turbo Charged with 142k miles Sport seats premium sound 2016 M3 Rims and recently changed top of the line injectors installed by BMW very clean Interior and paint! How much do you think I payed

  • Nick Cooper
    Nick Cooper  a years ago

    Bay Area represent!!! East bay bmw yuup

  • Orlan Medina
    Orlan Medina  a years ago +1

    Did you even change the oil on that N54? I wouldn't rev it like you did

  • Chris Bautista
    Chris Bautista  a years ago +4

    I’m wondering how the airbags popped out when the car has no visible damage?

  • IAA_Auctions
    IAA_Auctions  a years ago +6

    @4wheelfunBros thanks for buying with #IAA! We can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with this #BMW335i!! Let us know when it’s done- #IAA!

  • IsoHD
    IsoHD  a years ago

    Pretty solid deal here man but in the end that’s a N54 car lollll. I own a n54 e92 as well and let me tell ya, if you plan on driving it even a little bit agressively your car will be sitting in a shop or on your driveway A LOT. The n54 motor is solid and can make and hold good power on stock internals but everything else around it (pumps, electronics, gaskets) are fucking TRASH! Save yourself the hassle and do all of the preventative measures (rev 12 injectors, new hpfp, new wp + thermo, replace oil pan gasket and do some valve cleaning) now and don’t tune it. Just drive it stock. Maybe you do have the money to throw at it, you can tune it but god knows when those turbos were installed and they love to blow seals and develop wastegate rattle or failure which fucks with your boost and gets worse over time. I love my car and it had the same mileage as your car did when I got mine and still I’ve been trough so many goddamn headaches with this thing it’s ridiculous.

  • chae fugate
    chae fugate  a years ago

    At least 4k in repairs