"It's Over, Isn't It?" | Steven Universe | Cartoon Network

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 20, 2016
  • Pearl sings a beautiful soliloquy about love and loss as she struggles to move on from Rose's death.

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    It's Over, Isn't It? | Steven Universe | Cartoon Network


  • i don't know
    i don't know  5 hours ago

    Everyone after watch SU the movie

    Everyone:spinel is still waiting in the garden

  • Kakmonstret 725
    Kakmonstret 725  17 hours ago

    Alright bu remember in Now we're only falling apart, right before Pearl and Rose met Garnet? In that scene, Pearl talks about having "Imagining them running away together", and then she asks Rose to tell her to stop, whereas Rose responds "Don't ever stop"

    Pearl literally Can't move on, because her Diamond told her not to, which is another reason to hate Rose Quartz

  • Neji Hyūga
    Neji Hyūga  20 hours ago +1

    When my big sister married
    Me :

  • SUGA'sDonutWeirdo Green

    It's over. Isn't it?😶🤔💔

  • me
    me  yesterday


    Spinel still waiting in the garden: :)

  • Banana Milk
    Banana Milk  yesterday

    More dislikes than likes
    Its Over Isn’t It?

  • Cosvix *
    Cosvix *  yesterday

    Pearl: And she loved you and sh-

    Pink Steven: SHES GONEEEEEEE

  • Wolf quartz 27
    Wolf quartz 27  yesterday

    Guys do 2x speed you’ll see (also any fellow small you tubers wanna help each other out?)

  • Laovi
    Laovi  yesterday

    This sounds great at 0.75x speed

  • Bridget Broncales
    Bridget Broncales  2 days ago

    who else listens to this and relates to their own sadness

  • Maximus KARAMZALIS
    Maximus KARAMZALIS  2 days ago +1

    Like when my crush regectid me

  • Erik Martinez
    Erik Martinez  2 days ago

    Pearl:Amethyst don’t go around cliff tops your going to fall

    Also Pearl:Does Ballet over a thin pane of glass on a skyscraper

  • Polly the Angel
    Polly the Angel  2 days ago

    Ooo. That note she hit at at the end ❤❤

  • dogs rule
    dogs rule  2 days ago

    Did anyone knew that shooting star one day that's going to happen what she said is a clueeee

  • #4BBEE3
    #4BBEE3  2 days ago

    I'm Pearl

  • Charles Andrew Jacobus

    Dee Dee Magno has a real set of pipes on her

  • Diamondd owz
    Diamondd owz  2 days ago +1

    my crush doesn't care about because i sent her stupid memes
    no she hates me 😢

    help me 😔

  • Austin
    Austin  3 days ago

    Random person sees Pearl backflip on the railing,
    What the actual fu-

  • Mad Repore
    Mad Repore  3 days ago +1

    This song is a force of nature.