Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Corvette Z06 Part 3

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 24, 2018
  • Another major milestone on this rebuild is complete! However this didn't come cheap or easy. This 2017 corvette Z06 is a complete different animal. Thanks For Watching!!!-T-Shirts: A Patron: Fund Me: [email protected]: 1)First Song: Song: Song: Song: 5)Fifth Song: Song: Seventh Song: Song:


  • Prairie State Auto Restorations

    I’m flabbergasted that anyone would give Goonzquad a thumbs down. This is the best content I have come across.

  • Dayne Mitchell
    Dayne Mitchell  a years ago +67

    It is awesome to see kids your age respecting that Veteran! Makes us respect you! Keep up the great almost as good as OEM work boys!

  • KJ Welk
    KJ Welk  a years ago +135

    I dont know why their mustang video popped up in my recommended but im glad it did. This my favorite channel right now

  • 10liberty
    10liberty  a years ago +206

    I thought our Republic/USA was lost forever seeing most 20 something being all soft and playing video games everyday. But you boys are old school go getting hard working never say die dudes. You have restored my faith in our country that our future generations young americans are going to be just fine. Success is headed your way guys through hard work. Keep it up.

  • starian1
    starian1  a years ago +117

    goonzsquad - Almost OEM thumbsup !! You guys should make a Logo combined with that Motto. hahhaa

  • poop man
    poop man  a years ago +78

    glad you thanked that vet for his service. your mama raised u right

  • Milo Jacobs
    Milo Jacobs  a years ago +30

    That part you guys pulled off and said what is this, it's the vacuumpump for your brakesystem.

  • Michael Henville
    Michael Henville  a years ago +20

    Blue jeep
    Blue semi
    Blue Ford focus
    Blue stang.
    The vette is the black sheep of the family

  • Johannes T John
    Johannes T John  a years ago +36

    My boys are back again. I love these guys :D Hall from Africa!

  • Om Prakash Pandit
    Om Prakash Pandit  a years ago +4

    You guys are Doing a lot of hard work
    Best of luck guys
    Always love your videos

  • El De La Brute Force Negra

    Hit yourself pretty hard at 8:30 my guy

  • bankroll jxm
    bankroll jxm  a years ago +8

    Goonz y’all need to get that warehouse so y’all can go professional and i hope you know how fast your growing

  • Ed P
    Ed P  7 months ago +2

    I WONDER how much all the cooling systems & radiators & everything in the front of the car cost to replace??

  • MrChewymentos
    MrChewymentos  1 months ago +2

    anyone else get King of the Hill vibes whenever they say "I tell you hwat" -Hank Hill

  • TheBucklessYooper
    TheBucklessYooper  8 months ago +6

    I probably shouldn't have started watching these at 2am <.<

  • Antonio Beattie
    Antonio Beattie  7 months ago +4


  • Tony Tanti
    Tony Tanti  8 months ago +3

    Do these guys rebuild rigs too....what's with all the semis in the yard

  • TheFastStang
    TheFastStang  a years ago +23

    Be careful with those ceramic rotors, especially when installing or removing the rims.
    One little hit and they can crack...

  • ItsZyzzBrah !
    ItsZyzzBrah !  a years ago +3

    guys if you do not know what is a piece, put the serial number or a number that is in the piece in Google and it may come out exactly what is. (By Google Translate BTW xD)

  • Wouter
    Wouter  a years ago +3

    Dang you are growing about 4k subs a day.. I joined at 200k :o