Harrison Ford's First Time Skydiving Won't Be His Last

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 4, 2019
  • Harrison Ford told Ellen he only went skydiving because his son wanted to go, but he enjoyed it so much, he wants to jump out of a plane again! Plus, the Hollywood star talked about being a waiter when he was younger, and what he thought of Jake Gyllenhaal's impression of him.#HarrisonFord#JakeGyllenhaal#TheEllenShow


  • Mr. Allen  1 months ago

    *Harrison Ford should be in John Wick 4 as John Wick father*

  • fubarferment  10 days ago


  • Gevie Santa  1 months ago

    Honestly, that would be really cool if Harrison Ford does join the cast for John Wick 4. Even if he did end up playing as his father. Like Sean Connery did when he played as Ford's characters' father for the third Indiana Jones moive.

  • Avery H  1 months ago

    Imagine being the skydiving instructor who got to jump with Harrison Ford.

  • hmm hmm  1 months ago

    imagine beeing this handsome at 76... jesus christ that hair... God gifted man. god bless🤗

  • Plen122  1 months ago

    @chomsken sure it is!

  • chomsken  1 months ago

    gray hair isn't beautiful

  • This man is a legend.

  • LinkMarioSamus  1 months ago

    I know it's controversial to say anything good about the sequel trilogy, but I like how Han was introducing the new characters to the ins and outs of the 'verse in The Force Awakens when he didn't even believe in the force in the first movie.

  • jiju joseph  1 months ago

    Wow Harrison ford looking great!With that beard.

  • Amy Schriever  1 months ago

    He did a Make a Wish for my nephew a few years ago and he was a class act. Complete respect for him and the time he not only gave my nephew but his family.

  • Laura V  1 months ago


  • Bluemgwes  1 months ago

    This man is going to be 77 this year and he is STILL living life to the fullest. Harrison Ford you are and always will be my favorite actor. What a legend.

  • Snap Dragon  1 months ago


  • Yahaira Delgado  1 months ago

    I love Harrison Ford. He’s a legend.

  • Rubber Ducky  1 months ago

    Protect this man at all costs!

  • Ayu Thakur  1 months ago

    No one is killing him !

  • Plen122  1 months ago

    Harrison has always looked somewhat uncomfortable in interviews. Unfortunately he looks about the same here. But, could be he's just letting Ellen run with her dialogue which she's usually good at.

  • MrNikkimaxine  1 months ago

    Plen122 avenging

  • KungfooMF  1 months ago

    He's actually very introverted. These things are tough on him.