Tom Cruise test drives Red Bull Racing F1 car

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 25, 2011
  • Check out more moto action here
    Red Bull invited Tom Cruise to take a break from production of his new movie, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, to pilot the Red Bull Racing F1 car through Southern California's 2.5-mile (4km) Willow Springs circuit. He reached a top speed of 181 mph (291 km/h) - just 4 mph off the top speed of his instructor and 13-time Grand Prix winner, David Coulthard.

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  • Carlos Diaz
    Carlos Diaz  2 days ago

    Jajaja Minuto 03:41

  • Johan_lainelautaijilå

    Ending song anyone?

  • Joanna Evans
    Joanna Evans  3 days ago

    watch out Hamilton

  • 早川剛裕
    早川剛裕  4 days ago

  • Ivor Earley
    Ivor Earley  6 days ago

    Their should be a Days of thunder sequel

  • Sandro Ferreira
    Sandro Ferreira  6 days ago

    Cole Trickle???

  • Andre Patacchini
    Andre Patacchini  6 days ago


  • vinod Antony
    vinod Antony  7 days ago

    I too can drive.... Trust me.... Can anyone sponcer me....

  • Yuu Asano
    Yuu Asano  7 days ago

    Tom Cruise for 2021

  • Popdaddy88
    Popdaddy88  7 days ago

    "Tom Cruise. Badass. My card".

  • BluewaterBoof
    BluewaterBoof  7 days ago +1

    Dude has serious thrill issues. Race car I can understand. Tethering yourself to the outside of a plane as it takes off is something else.

  • Vahn Dealo
    Vahn Dealo  7 days ago

    can you hear that, the idle is about 6000rpm, holy jesus, 6000rpm is the max i can get from my motorcycle 🤣

  • Ric Ky
    Ric Ky  7 days ago

    I thought he was Jackie Chan hehe, so stunning, he can do all things, amazing he is...

  • Nikita Millionov
    Nikita Millionov  7 days ago

    Я думаю человеку который летал на военном истребителе типа раптор то бля ему эта безделушка вобще проще простого

  • Pain Uzumaki
    Pain Uzumaki  7 days ago

    He was WAITING to do that right hand sign in the next TOP GUN movie so much, he ended up doing it 9 years early

  • Daniel Cruzlima
    Daniel Cruzlima  7 days ago

    E ainda acabou com a suspensão indo pra terra....

  • Daniel Cruzlima
    Daniel Cruzlima  7 days ago

    Quanto será que o tom Cruise pagou pra pilotar esse carro?

  • Norma Stanley
    Norma Stanley  7 days ago

    What a life, this guy is living..

  • Champion Dads Club

    Tom Cruise may be a weirdo but he's an outrageously talented weirdo

  • TurnStyleGames
    TurnStyleGames  7 days ago

    I have a sneaking suspicion a bunch of people involved in this video were unaware that Tom Cruise had a short racing career (a bit under the tutelage of the great Paul Newman) before/around his time in Days of Thunder. He was encouraged to set it aside because he was fast (quite) but a bit too risky. Newman, etc. believed he would end up injuring himself and be unable to pursue his acting career, etc. He's not just a celebrity who likes the occasional fast car, etc. He's been around proper racing before.