My take on the sign CANCER

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 15, 2016
  • Cancer personality astrology


  • LaTina - NiCoLe
    LaTina - NiCoLe  2 years ago +19


  • Sebastian Michaelis Claude Faustus

    I'm a Cancer and just looking at someone I can know how they are feeling, or what kind of person they are, this really helps you stay away from bad people:D also the Cancers you are with have not used their techniques in a good way.

  • Aminah Hope
    Aminah Hope  2 years ago +25

    All True, an I can tell you're being very emotional now speaking of us cancers!❤Ty 😎😝😎😝

  • Rebecca Alvarez
    Rebecca Alvarez  2 years ago +26

    Aquarius here and I've tried to get along with several Cancers but we just don't click. That's the only zodiac sign that I just can't be around. I love Gemini, Sagittarius and Libras!!

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S  2 years ago +13

    My sister drives me crazy, with that stuff. She comes across as really really fake.

  • Vic L
    Vic L  a years ago +12

    I am a cancer with rising and moon signs also cancer. This video is very interesting! Sorry to hear you’ve had some rough patches with my fellow cancerians. It’s definitely not always a gift to be aware what everyone in the room is feeling. Personally, I sometimes wish I wasn’t aware. I’m definitely an empath. When I was younger I think I did manipulate, i didn’t know I was doing it, it’s not something you learn I think it’s just in us. My grandmother (Aries) who was in my life until my 20’s and studied zodiac and was so instrumental in teaching me about cancer ‘gifts’ but also called me out on my crab like movements and emotional manipulations, I learned the trait. My oldest son is a cancer, I feel like his cancer traits aren’t as ‘ in your face’ as mine are. As I say all this, honestly, there is no other sign I’d rather be. I feel cancers are so much more aware of spirit and the heart and soul of what matters in life. I could talk about this forever, I love the subject and glad I found your channel.

  • No All Caps
    No All Caps  a years ago +16

    Advanced Cancerian woman here. Heres the deal, if you come to me with a problem but no steam to correct it or if you come to me with a dream with no physical capacity on seeing it through and making it a reality, THIS is where the apathy appears. I will consider you a liar or a professional time waster. As far as emotions are concerned, the only time I will dig my claws in and drag you around like a ragdoll is with a betrayal or harming me after trust has been established. Other than that, to each their own, i will not react kindly to my mental, emotional and yes, EMPATHIC powers being wasted on anyone who wont begin, nor see through their own dreams to the end. and yes, Cancer is Empathic, mystical and has skills that cannot be rationalized, they are far beyond logic and explainations, because theyre etheric and not from here. Hope that clarifies.

  • pixsie doll
    pixsie doll  2 years ago +18

    Ha ha ha i was laughing at this. You are spot on! I'm an empath and im a cancer. Im also dating an aquarius man

  • Gaza Shariff
    Gaza Shariff  2 years ago +9

    I'm a cancer we are naturally manipulative. It's more potent when the cancer knows it. I myself try not to knowing myself but in a relationship when we are scared or feel like we aren't getting enough we will use manipulation out of fear

  • Wereallmadhere
    Wereallmadhere  2 years ago +11

    cancer are diagnosed with emotional cancer

  • kittens😻
    kittens😻  2 years ago +23

    It's very rare that Aquarius even likes being around Cancer unless if the Aquarius has a chart with personal planets in Capricorn or Pisces.
    how logical Aquarius ends up with illogical Cancer is beyond comprehension...

  • Briahna Ray
    Briahna Ray  2 years ago +9

    Yes! I have beennin 5 major relationships and 3 of them were with cancers the other 2 were with scorpios( thats another miserable sign, love em as friends but not lovers) . Im a leo so first off it takes a while before we learn a lesson and we are aloof to peoples true intentions (sometimes). EVERY SINGLE ONE i have been with was so possessive and manipulative. Trying to get me to stop talking to my family manipulative. All of them. They all had high IQs. Manipulation is forplay for them. I hate it. Never will i date another cancer in my life. Im a forward person just tell me what you for fucks sake and dont try to manipulate and possess me, stay out of my head and heart. Everytime i get around a cancer i clam up (no pun intended) real quick because i know their game, the moment i start talking iss the moment they tell me what i want to hear so i can keep talking and the they will exploit every seceret hurt i have ever told them. NEVER AGAIN.

  • Auset McChristion-Thomas

    bro...I would donate to this channel. You have a brilliant gift. Email me I have so much respect for you. Aquarius.

  • Mebrice Depace
    Mebrice Depace  a years ago +4

    Cancerians are astute and funny. V intelligent if there are airy elements on the chart which dampen down the emotion. I like Cancerians a lot but I know I could not have a relationship with one. Any prominent cancer on the chart makes them emotionally charged and driven by sense memory. They are easily led and impressionable hence they take on the emotions of others. My old boss had moon in cancer and he was emotionally reactive and chaotic and resents when you didn't feel the same as he did. I am driven by my intellect and logic and I disagreed with him on most things.

  • Janell Hihi
    Janell Hihi  a years ago +4

    I am an aqua and I also can’t deal with libras. Lol

  • Auset McChristion-Thomas

    3:55. There is something called the "internal blindfold." It's found in the card 7 of cups. They don't know if they are manipulating or not. They trick themselves.

  • Maximus Prime
    Maximus Prime  a years ago +15

    Cancer's are highly intuned to their environment. So they react to it accordingly. But don't think their empathy isn't genuine. So when people think they're moody it's because they react to their soroundings better than everyone else. So when you act incentive they may react negatively. Take it as a sign that you're being incentive or disrespectful lol

  • Mz.Capslock Lee
    Mz.Capslock Lee  2 years ago +42

    we are emotional overbearing, manipulative big hearted cute and cuddly that knows what your thinking and how your feeling by touch. We are moody as hell but never want to talk about how we feel because we tend to put others first... I hope I'm not the only one.. sorry you experienced the dark side of a cancer... we can be a piece of work.

  • Oyeku Ika
    Oyeku Ika  a years ago +3

    Cancer and Aquarius couldn't be more opposite and that's why your having problems with them. I personally believe that when your surrounded by so many people under the same sign theres a lesson you need to learn from that sign that your not getting. Also, majority of what you stated is absolutely on point. ( Yes, I'm a cancer ). I just want to point out though that that level of manipulation where your harming someone is darksided cancer behavior. The empathic thing (at least in my case) is true. I can damn near pick up on emotions from across the street (even if they have a straight face) I will say that understanding what your feeling when it comes to Cancers takes practice because most of us are like a sponge. Cancers that go off reactions are likely undeveloped ( or mimicking ) we do that too alot of the time. We're an impressionable group of people. The smart ones know it. Thanks for posting, great video.

  • Jungle Baby LDN
    Jungle Baby LDN  a years ago +7

    I'm cancer and what iv come to notice everyone has a bad experience with cancers