My take on the sign CANCER

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 15, 2016
  • Cancer personality astrology


  • Busy Bee
    Busy Bee  21 days ago +1

    maybe that's how God made them, and that's fine some one has to think with feeling or the whole entire world would be a bunch of heartless thoughtless creatures walking around

  • MsLonda20
    MsLonda20  28 days ago +1

    I'm a female cancerian and I find the way you articulated us was quite hilarious in a good way. Couldn't stop smiling/ laughing. Some of the things u mentioned are spot on. However, me personally I'm very intellectual l enjoy having deep conversations and I usually communicate my feelings to people when need be even if it means that it may cause some discomfort.
    I speak my mind no pretending. My hubby is an aquarius and for the most part we get a long pretty well the occasional disagreement but we usually talk things through then move forward. I thrive on mental stimulation and at times soak up others energy which I'm learning to tone it down.My character traits: emotional, sensitive, caring, kind, need my space, I would fight for u, intuitive, creative, smart, etc. :)💛

  • Babette Quick
    Babette Quick  1 months ago

    Lol. My first husband was an Aquarius. Yeah us cancers need to say and communicate better. We do know how to bring out the feelings in others , in all ways 😆

  • Artis Lapsley
    Artis Lapsley  1 months ago

    July 22nd cancer/leo cusp

  • pillow 4
    pillow 4  2 months ago

    I'm a cancer my husband is virgo we get along I have feelings he doesn't I mean at the end of the day what can we do my mom is aquarius and I dont ask her for nothing she always needs something from me when I ask her for something she says no. Idk I dont care I live n do what I can to survive I dont like gossip at I keep to myself

  • Taurus Dime
    Taurus Dime  2 months ago

    To hear a Aquarius speak about a emotional sign is sooooooo hilarious!!! Btw I’m a Aquarius rising

  • Rena Manvelova
    Rena Manvelova  2 months ago

    Sounds like a typical case of being a rebound Cancers have no time to be manipulative with anyone we can't control our moods meaning we can't target no one person to only see one side its harder being a liar then it is just to deal with the truth sorry

  • kiba weeba
    kiba weeba  2 months ago

    Just crosswatchin ,I know only of like 2 Cancer's, interesting video 😂

  • Addy Paige
    Addy Paige  2 months ago

    I dont agree. It also depends on your placements. I am on the cancer gemini cusp. And i am emotional but i can be very cold towards people . I dont tell people how i feel in the beginning that much is true but i observe alot about people's actions to see if they are deseptive. So that is true. I reserve my feeling for people who are worth it.

  • Lacey Copenhaver
    Lacey Copenhaver  2 months ago

    Yep I'm cancer. But im an analytical and always look at all perspectives.

  • July713 X
    July713 X  2 months ago

    Lol. If only I was this masternind. I thought this was gonna be something good abt. cancers no one loves us until we gone. U have to ubderstand the moon is a reflector, thus why we react. I love my cancers, the nicest ppl. Correct bad communicators but hardly these manipulators. What is ur sign? Sounds like a lot of projection. Takes 2 to tango. emotions are the truth. U have divided ur heart and head, that's the problem. Agree 2 disargee.

  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson  2 months ago

    Air signs and Water signs do not mix! The fucking is hot but that is where it stops.

    HONEYBOO HONEYBOO  2 months ago

    Well... An Air sign pretty often goes by the mind and logic. Water signs are about emos mostly. But I don't automatically name Air signs as narcs or cold... Just saying.

  • Debra Kendall
    Debra Kendall  2 months ago

    You are so spot on, Rich! Libra here, Aries rising with a Virgo moon. My partner is a Cancer Sun, Gemini AS, with a Capricorn Moon. In other words, we are a hot mess! Lol We love each other to death, but can't see eye-to-eye for nothing. All those emotions! Yuck. I live and breathe and make decisions through logic and deliberation, while my cancer counterpart operates on pure emotion. A huge obstacle and a struggle for us to keep things straight. Good thing we are committed to making it work. Thanks for your insight. I'm going to check out your Libra video next! Lol

  • Lutrice Strong
    Lutrice Strong  2 months ago

    You are full of BS Aquarius

  • Dareen M
    Dareen M  2 months ago

    OMG 😆
    I am cancer rising you hurt me 😆😪🙄

  • richard phillips
    richard phillips  2 months ago +1

    I'm a Cancer. As a Cancer being around a Pisces woman ? They read Cancers as if they know them. Its scary.

  • richard phillips
    richard phillips  2 months ago

    This dude? Is effen Cool!!

  • Monalisa Hughes
    Monalisa Hughes  2 months ago

    Thankyou for the reading

  • Michele Coe
    Michele Coe  2 months ago

    I guess you just have not met the right ones yet, sorry for your experiences.