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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 8, 2018
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  a years ago +1896

    I hope you enjoy todays new video! Anyone else love Riverdale? 😊🍔💕

  • Natasha Suarez
    Natasha Suarez  a years ago +95

    Hi Ro you should do Jughead's crown as a cake

  • Lexi O
    Lexi O  a years ago +191

    Her kitchen is cleaner than my whole life😂.

  • Kayla Danielle
    Kayla Danielle  a years ago +83

    Who else loves Riverdale 😍

  • Irene Murphy
    Irene Murphy  a years ago +13

    Ro can you please please please make a recipe from season 1 of Riverdale where Alice makes a apple pie for F.P., Jug, Betty, and Hal? It would be amazing! P.s. I love you so much and your cookbook is amazing :) 💚💚💚💚💚

  • Sammy Muñoz ksndjsks
    Sammy Muñoz ksndjsks  a years ago +57

    You should make Beignets from the princess and the frog 💕

  • Russ Randall
    Russ Randall  a years ago +26

    Riverdale is my fav show after u see the first episode u get addicted

  • Lay&kay
    Lay&kay  a years ago +7

    Make something from 13 reasons why. Like a tape cake😁

  • Mary .D
    Mary .D  a years ago +13

    I love u and ur channel Ro❤️
    Ur awesome!
    Also can u please do something fortnite or 13 reasons why theamed!

  • Banana Bear
    Banana Bear  a years ago +188

    I love how you always theme your outfits around the thing your baking!! Don’t worry Ro, I notice!! ❤️

  • Megan 2000
    Megan 2000  a years ago +68

    Get 10 million you're on 9.9!!!!!!!! ❤️

  • xxTyra Starxx
    xxTyra Starxx  a years ago +26

    Please do something Stranger Things!! 💜💜💜💜

  • Ali O'Neal
    Ali O'Neal  a years ago +4

    Could you do something from Once Upon a Time please?

  • lucas adelerhof
    lucas adelerhof  a years ago +14

    Your shirt has a R and stands for Riverdale

  • Elisa Hernandez
    Elisa Hernandez  a years ago +5

    Make a video with you boyfriend please

  • Jemxxnc
    Jemxxnc  a years ago +7

    Can you make 13 reasons why (tapes) cookies? For season 2!!!

  • Jody ;-;
    Jody ;-;  a years ago +21

    Can you do roblox cup cake or cake or cookies 🍪 please 😩👏👏👏

  • kaia heaton
    kaia heaton  a years ago +4

    You should do a vampire diaries cake or somethinggggg!!

  • Pretty. Oof
    Pretty. Oof  a years ago +2

    Anyone else love jughead??

  • Chocolate Lover
    Chocolate Lover  1 months ago +2

    Can you make the birthday cake that Betty made jughead. That would be amazing!