Tiger Woods' Final Round

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 14, 2019
  • Highlights from Tiger Woods' Final Round of the 2019 Masters


  • Mr Me
    Mr Me  3 months ago +232

    A wife and 200 million dollars later, the legend is back again. Welcome back sir.

  • Fathi Farmuza
    Fathi Farmuza  4 months ago +255

    I dont know golf. But if someone ask about golf i only know tiger woods since young age

    HYBRID LIFE  4 months ago +152

    Tiger "remember when u all used to watch me and I was better than everyone else"
    PGA Tour Players " Yeah"
    Tiger "Yeah Nothing has changed"

  • Sam Cundy
    Sam Cundy  4 months ago +138

    Greatest player to step on a golf course. Congrats tiger

  • Joel Driver
    Joel Driver  4 months ago +52

    Rough day for all the Tiger haters. All of these current players have been saying for years they wanted a piece of Tiger when he was playing well...be careful what you wish for. Frankly that wasn't even his "A" game as he missed a bunch of short putts and drove it a little crooked here and there. Assuming he remains healthy he could easily dominate again for the next 4-5 years. He will break Jack's record.

  • pablo Hill
    pablo Hill  4 months ago +80

    Been along time since he was champ but champs keep fight even when theyre down

  • VishnuPrasad P
    VishnuPrasad P  4 months ago +42

    I don't know anything about golf, but Tiger is the only name i heard in golf since childhood.
    Feeling Great.!

  • Jamie Beech
    Jamie Beech  4 months ago +72

    Congrats Woods! incredible...

  • 烏帽子爺さん
    烏帽子爺さん  4 months ago +82

    Superstar Tiger Woods The world has been waiting for this victory!

  • p01 echeverria collante
    p01 echeverria collante  4 months ago +16

    Congrats!! tiger : Love your game since 1996 nike!.

  • Frank Herrera
    Frank Herrera  4 months ago +42

    This was great to see. The Phoenix has risen from the ashes! I love it!

  • Victor Ogunbusola
    Victor Ogunbusola  4 months ago +32

    The King mounts his throne ⛳️🏌🏽👑, what a day for golf, what an amazing comeback!...

  • Zug75
    Zug75  4 months ago +50


  • Bay Area 650
    Bay Area 650  4 months ago +30

    Congratulations Tiger! So happy for him after all his been through.

  • Art David
    Art David  4 months ago +6

    I never doubted you, Tiger. I fist pump in a crowded coffee shop when you won!

  • Malaysian Malaysia
    Malaysian Malaysia  4 months ago +18

    I can't hold my tears after seeing his last putt, congrats Tiger, you deserved it!

  • marlonious76
    marlonious76  4 months ago +10

    Sports will always bring people together. Tiger came from the abyss. Many people cheering were the same people that had nothing positive to say when he was rock bottom. Tiger does it for his family and that's what matters the most.

  • 俺の前世
    俺の前世  4 months ago +2


  • E46M Power
    E46M Power  4 months ago +1

    You can never keep a champion down! Congratulations Tiger!

  • Fultonfalcons86
    Fultonfalcons86  4 months ago +24

    If you think Tiger doesn't have what it takes to be a Champion once again then this video should leave no doubt that he has his game back on Track ...........He means so much to his sport probably more so than any other athlete on the planet ............