Iraqis protest against rampant corruption and poverty

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 19, 2019
  • Iraqis across the country are angry over their government's failure to provide basic services like electricity and water.The problem gets worse as temperature soars during summer.Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi says the government is trying to make things better but needs more time.Al Jazeera's Osama Bin Javaid reports from Baghdad, Iraq. - Subscribe to our channel: - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: - Check our website: #Iraq #Corruption


  • nas taran
    nas taran  1 months ago +57

    Well Iraq had a leader that they said US telling them is against democracy and they were happy when they removed his statue ,now they have US/UK democracy and stolen oil , stolen gold ,stolen their water by other countries and no strong leader to defend them

  • Omid Reza
    Omid Reza  1 months ago +51

    Democracy brought to your by great president George Bush!! Aren’t you thankful Iraqis??

  • longmarchguy
    longmarchguy  1 months ago +55

    Is democracy working in this oil rich country?

  • Justice OneEarth
    Justice OneEarth  1 months ago +27

    DEMOCRACY!!! made in USA.

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un  1 months ago +24

    Where’s the democracy Unite State promised
    Maybe Unite State could have better minded their own business

  • OnsaوArtoli :D
    OnsaوArtoli :D  1 months ago +16

    Iraqis. Join your brothers in Sudan and Algeria. Join the people of France and Hong Kong. Revolt! Break this corrupt no good sad cycle that we are in! Down with the no good leaders and governments of the world!!!

  • Let there be Peace On God's Earth

    Blame the monsters Bush and Blair for her plight.
    How sad.

  • The Israelites
    The Israelites  1 months ago +10

    Blame America you fools

  • Don jon
    Don jon  1 months ago +8

    Democracy coming to a home near you....;) enjoy

  • thegreendestiny
    thegreendestiny  1 months ago +10

    But but but I thought the US liberated them from oppression and gave them freedom and democracy?!

  • Todd Chinh
    Todd Chinh  1 months ago +17

    Sadam was a good president George evil bush kill him for no reason

  • Kenyan MGTOW
    Kenyan MGTOW  1 months ago +42

    removing sadam from power was the biggest mistake Ever

  • Ehtesham Ali
    Ehtesham Ali  1 months ago +7

    USA distroyed Iraq and killed more then two million innocent people in Iraq. Why so called humen rights activist are silent...?

  • First Last
    First Last  1 months ago +5

    Iraq will never be the same without Saddam

  • agung prasetyo
    agung prasetyo  1 months ago +6

    Topple saddam they said.. prosper you will be they.said.. We will surely help you they said... Doh..

  • Wayne Gambill
    Wayne Gambill  1 months ago +6


  • RatherA
    RatherA  1 months ago +5

    Americans must be happy about the freedom they gave to these people 👍

  • تقوية اليمان Ramadan

    People don't want demonocracy. But media forces the narrative that democracy is the way forward. Its barbaric painted with glamour.

  • Justice OneEarth
    Justice OneEarth  1 months ago +7

    Hey US, how much does it cost for your democracy???

  • Binaj Basnet
    Binaj Basnet  1 months ago +3

    Well iraq is now under democratic,freedom loving most humane nation on earth (USA).....So,there is no corruption,basic nessecities are fullfilled,everybody is happy.....