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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 22, 2017


  • nash !  1 years ago

    ive been sleepin on rex orange county

  • Nica Jung  6 days ago


  • athletic donut  11 days ago

    me too, and boy it was a mistake

  • eurional  5 months ago

    i wanna listen to this, high, in a sunflower field.

  • Travis Cross  3 days ago

    Spill the wine

  • Paiin  5 days ago

    eurional I’m high rn 💀😭

  • Alex E  2 years ago

    The world seriously needs more musicians like you, man.

  • Little Huntress  14 days ago

    NickPlayz it’s just their opinion! Respect it :)

  • TechBat  17 days ago

    i disagree !

  • aestheqic jayla  2 months ago

    *"this is a good song"**aesthetic people have joined the chat*

  • Travis Cross  3 days ago

    People searching for "crumb"

  • Quinn Kelly  5 days ago

    yesss lol

  • Sunny Keller  2 years ago

    On repeat.

  • leil rei  1 months ago

    How on phone?

  • oLzvp  3 months ago

    Co no jozx mkk co.m b

  • Hippie Capone  1 years ago

    can we please get an extended version of the first 50 seconds? I want to play it at my wedding.

  • Ashleigh Cameron  15 days ago

    @Cameron Mills How old does one have to look to be married? Should she look like an old maid? Lmao

  • Emily Chowdhury  22 days ago

    Actually tho

  • Lyrics (Enjoy:)):I want to knowWhere I can goWhen you're not aroundAnd I'm feeling downSo won't you stay for a moment ?So I can sayI, I need you soCause right now you know, that nothing is newAnd I'm obsessed with youThen I fell to the groundAnd you smile at me insteadI don't wanna see you cryingYou don't have to feel this emptinessShe said I love you till the day that I dieMaybe she's rightCause I don't wanna feel like I'm not meAnd to be honest I don't even know whyI let myself g...

  • Legend of Nibbaheem  1 months ago


  • Laura Leon  1 months ago

    @Bêyøñd Måjêstîç bro army

  • Miguel Carrillo  2 years ago

    I hit my yeet to this song

  • Miguel Carrillo This comment was cancer for my eyes

  • Shelby Nugent  1 months ago

    The Admiral lmao Ok 😂

  • abigail mayhem  1 years ago

    im honestly so down for the low-fi sound @ the beginning

  • abigail mayhem yeah I kinda wish the whole song was like that

  • big man Chan  2 months ago


  • Hannah Scott  2 years ago

    The blunt honesty in all of his songs is just something so different than every song on the radio that you HAVE to respect it. So good.

  • Olivia Woloshyn  3 months ago

    I didn't sleep last night. I just wanted to bitch about something. Its a good song and has really good lyrics. Dont mind me.Just dig a bit and you'll see that literally 90% of songs aren't at all like what they play on the radio cuz usually the songs on the radio are ridiculously overplayed and derivative, and have the lyrical depth of a teaspoon. Making a song that's more honest than the generic songs about sex drugs parties and alcohol that the record labels have wet dreams about is something th...

  • Zerolunaa  5 months ago

    Myne Wollabi Lyne what station