How to Punch FEAR in the Face and Start on YouTube

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • Scared to start a YouTube Channel? In this video I share 3 tips for overcoming the fear of being on camera and posting videos! *** Get a copy of my new book YouTube Secrets here:
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    In this video Sean Cannell from think media and video influencers shares tips how to remove camera fear and punch fear in the face. In this video you'll learn how to speak on camera without fear. If you are scared to start a YouTube channel or afraid to start a YouTube, check out the tips in this video!
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  • Jessential Life
    Jessential Life  2 days ago +2

    Ahhhhhh! 😱😬This is freaky! But I am planning to post my first video on February 7th, 2020 😝.

    I really want to create a YT channel to build a community of people who are passionate about essential oils and other aromatherapy related topics. ✌🏻🌿💕

  • pratik babhulkar
    pratik babhulkar  7 days ago

    First your way of explanation and tips are great. I started my you tube channel on 1 January 2020 and it's already 4 videos in 20 days. Like you said just start i shot the video and edited it a little bit and uploaded it. It feels great to get started because then you start thinking clearly and what you want to do next.

  • chesxca
    chesxca  14 days ago

    Thank you!

  • Shai Snir
    Shai Snir  21 days ago

    You inspired me so much I created my own take, would love to read your opinions 🥰

  • Mahdi Heydarpour
    Mahdi Heydarpour  2 months ago

    I’m gonna post my first video today...on Instagram
    If you’re interested in learning English you can follow me on Instagram

  • Hena N
    Hena N  3 months ago

    2 days

  • Leon Duginski
    Leon Duginski  3 months ago

    Well here it goes..I will have my first video posted NLT Jan 1 2019.

  • Roneika Jennette
    Roneika Jennette  4 months ago

    Absolutely Amazing Video

  • Something secret
    Something secret  4 months ago

    Im grinding out youtube!!! Can someone give me some constructive critisism?? Thanks!!!

  • Loki248
    Loki248  4 months ago

    I just created a Youtube channel last week and I plan on posting a picture by this Friday.

  • Nathan Brace
    Nathan Brace  4 months ago

    I put up my first video yesterday.

  • ChefMade
    ChefMade  6 months ago

    Hy Sean, love your videos... I will be uploading my first video this week, wish me luck!

  • Sylvain Gauthier
    Sylvain Gauthier  6 months ago

    This is it.... my youtube channel is on the WAYYY... I know that i JUST begin, my videos are not TOP NOTCH youtuber but, i started... Here is the link... i know that i did some errors but it's a beginning...! Tell me what you think. My first language is french but i know that everything's in english so, that's why i do them in english.

  • Horizon and Beyond
    Horizon and Beyond  8 months ago

    THINK MEDIA IS THE MANNN! I've taken all of UR advice jumped out of my comfort zone and i'm now on target to make a million I've even just created a youtube channel to follow my progress. i would love some supportfeedback somplease hit subscribe

  • Jonathan Valentin
    Jonathan Valentin  8 months ago

    Recording my first video next Sunday at a car show and hopefully uploading shortly after that. Thanks for this. I'm gonna be doing interviews and the thought of it scare the hell out of me! But as they say the best things happen outside of your comfort zone.. Here's hoping..!

  • Zaira Mae
    Zaira Mae  8 months ago


  • Crazy YUL
    Crazy YUL  8 months ago

    Today my first Video. Wish me Luck :D

  • Sarah’s Home & Life

    Thanks for all your advice!! I’m new to YouTube and yes I agree there’s a lot of fear potentially in starting out. I’ve been making videos for about 8 months now and have 16 subscribers. Feel like I’m behind somehow. Learning from super basic level with no video experience. It is so fun though to learn about it. It’s like having your own tv show on a topic that your passionate about!

  • Mav Margate
    Mav Margate  9 months ago

    Sub to sub. Please! Thank you!

  • Laurence Baker
    Laurence Baker  9 months ago

    It's Easter, and I often think about Jesus on the cross. If it happened today would the guards use a nail gun instead or a hammer. Either way, being nailed to a cross it not likely to kill you.. So, it's quite likely Jesus would have survived, and his 'Rising from the Dead' was in fact just a guy four puncture wounds, who died from septicaemia a couple of days after he was taken off the cross. Either way, just a jewish terrorist - he had it coming.