Craig's TOP 5 BEST Walt Disney World Attractions | Best and Worst | 07/18/19

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 18, 2019
  • In this episode, Craig shares his current top five favorite attractions at Walt Disney World. Country Bear Jamboree had to be included, but you'll have to tune in to see what else is on the list!

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  • Carina Jahn
    Carina Jahn  3 months ago

    That's good to know about Expedition Everest - that it isn't too intense. That is one I have been meaning to ride for years, but still haven't. I like roller coasters - as long as they aren't too scary. I am going to WDW in a week and a half. Maybe I will work up the bravery to try that one finally.

  • Bobby Roche
    Bobby Roche  4 months ago

    I hit splash mountain at 10pm in December and I think I was the only park guest in that building. My fiance didn't wanna go on. It was amazing.

  • Trish G.
    Trish G.  4 months ago

    I'm dead 😂 rynos puns are too damn funny

  • Autumn Borden
    Autumn Borden  4 months ago

    The Enchanted Tiki Room is my #1!!! I LOVE Tiki Culture, too!!!

  • cellphonekid2
    cellphonekid2  4 months ago

    Country Bears is the greatest. Well done Craig!

  • cellphonekid2
    cellphonekid2  4 months ago

    Whatever that noise is that Craig makes at 5:53... I want as my ringtone.

  • Dayna Shaw
    Dayna Shaw  4 months ago +1

    1. Hall of Presidents (Morgan Freeman version)
    2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    3. Tower of Terror
    4. Carousel of Progress
    5. Spaceship Earth
    6. Expedition Everest (6 because the current HoP is completely off the list for me)

  • Davy Ruiz
    Davy Ruiz  4 months ago +1

    I truly enjoy these top 5 faves and worsts. Might we see Ryno's top 5 soon??

  • Justin Miller
    Justin Miller  4 months ago

    Where do I go to buy the stuff?

  • Brenda Rose
    Brenda Rose  4 months ago

    It is very hard to just choose 5

  • GamerGuyProductions
    GamerGuyProductions  4 months ago

    This list hit a damn wall after number 3

  • Cathy Hamilton
    Cathy Hamilton  4 months ago

    I think Craig is a man after my WDW heart. I'm with you on your choices.

  • Kerry Kunze
    Kerry Kunze  4 months ago

    I was so tickled when I went back to WDW to find they brought it back to the original tiki room. It's so charming. Great list, Craig!!

  • WaltKristiWorld
    WaltKristiWorld  4 months ago

    High five for Country Bears! I haven't sat down and made a top 5 list, but I think we'd definitely share a few similar ones.

  • lombardi98
    lombardi98  4 months ago

    Surprised no Spaceship Earth, maybe if the Jeremy Irons or Walter Cronkite version came back?

  • Katherine Chrisman
    Katherine Chrisman  4 months ago

    I love Craig but he takes 30 words to say 3 xxxooo

  • Katherine Chrisman
    Katherine Chrisman  4 months ago

    Ryno is adorable omgaaaaa

  • Andrew Yacos
    Andrew Yacos  4 months ago

    CBJ and Tiki, not me favs, but props to listing. Space Mountain is the King of attractions.

  • Kevin Hopkins
    Kevin Hopkins  4 months ago +4

    I ❤️ the country bears ....and I loved it as a kid too !! I would truly loose it if they got rid of it !!! My list is pretty old school ....well I'm officially old school now ( just turned 50 ) !!
    1. Peter Pan
    2. Country bear
    3, haunted mansion
    4. Pirates
    5. Splash Mt

  • Andrew LeBlanc
    Andrew LeBlanc  4 months ago

    Enchanted tiki room would beat out country bears on my list, but I still love the bears. I loved the vacation hoedown and wish they would bring that back occasionally (I do love the original show so I don’t want it replaced completely)